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I thought I'd give new friends a little cheat sheet to decipher confusing bits of my entries.

Me: Fawndolyn - Female, age 33, artist, works at the Student Tech Help Desk at a community college, an organized mess, chubster (working to change that), urban explorer, tea-drinker, and generally happy yet still chemically depressed.
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These are a number of other social networks I frequent:
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And lastly, my 101-in-1001.
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Due Date: 13 July, 2015

And that about wraps it up for this post.
See you, Space Cowboy.

Pimped Out Case

Been a while since I had a project that lasted all weekend (not including my previous project, which turned out moderately okay, but didn't work out, and also isn't totally done anyway). So yeah! Actual Weekend Project!

It's 99.9% finished! I'm just waiting for a hygrometer to arrive in the mail. I was sick of the hideous hard green interior of my violin case, not to mention the need for a cloth to wrap and tuck so the violin didn't knock around in the case whenever I took it anywhere.

So I ripped out the insides (took out a few parts, too), cut & pasted some padding inside, and lined it with red velveteen. I also added a peacock-blue elastic band for photos, and hand-made my own humidifier by drilling holes into a cut of random plumbing tubing (which I corked at both ends. I'll fill that with water beads when winter comes (made a small one to test out of a tea tube, and the water beads sucked up the tea residue and it smells awesome). Sooner, if the hygrometer says I should.

A few antique photos and postcards, and bam! I really love how it turned out.

The only parts I bought were the tubing, the hygrometer, and the elastic (and an extra tube of glue). The project of re-upholstering my case cost me a grand total of about $8. I also bought myself a music stand, which arrived today. It's a tiny bit wobbly, but works for what it's good for.

I did this because I really wanted a case that protected my violin instead of just housed it. I also wanted a hard-case, so I could put stickers on it. Lauren (my tutor) gave me a good site to go to that she said is basically Amazon for string instruments. I checked it out, aaaaaand, I couldn't afford one of those cases if I saved my entire paychecks for a month. So I took things into my own hands.

Remember, it doesn't matter if you can play, as long as you can wow 'em as soon as you open the case ;)

In My Bag

Ne Porte Pas
Haven't done one of these since I was about 20. Inside my bag right now is (from left to right, roughly):

a white folder, which is actually a large watercolour page I folded for convenience back when I'd go to Dr. Sketchy events (which Rochester never advertises on the off-chance they do hold one). I use it to keep printed stuff and bunnies safe.

My schedule book, which was just a notebook, but I needed something bigger than my little calendar (yes, I still hand-write my schedule, because my iphone sometimes deletes things I put on its calendar for no visible reason (and deletes it off the cloud, which, come on). I wrote in each day - it goes from just before my trip to Boston to Ron's birthday (coincidentally), with one blank at the end for notes.

My wallet, including: my business cards, health/insurance cards, credit card, staff ID & license, and shopping cards. Sometimes money, if it fits. And some secret paper notes ;)

Headphones (which are sound blocking), hair band (no, not White Snake... this time), emergency painkiller, random bunny.

Then there is a smaller purse for smaller things (because my bag doesn't have a pocket).

Lipstick, compact mirror, keys (home & work), pen, pencil, moolah, bandaids (in a handy little container), and my glasses cloth.

Then there's my violin lesson notebook (which is just a moleskine that I mod-podged a picture of Emilie Autumn onto), my current read (All You Need Is Kill, by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, which is the book that Tom Cruise movie about a Save Point is based on), and my violin's shoulder-rest, which I forgot to take out of my bag from yesterday's lesson (it doesn't fit in my case without dismantling it, and I hate dismantling it).


Man... or Astro-Man? Defcon 54321

FLCL - Guitar

I went to see an amazing show last night in Buffalo. Man or Astro-Man, a band I've loved for exactly half my life came to perform in a nearby city!!! Their album Experiment Zero (my favourite), of which they performed many songs last night, was the second album I ever bought (following Mr. Bungle's Disco Volante). This show was probably the coolest show I've ever been to see! Seriously.

I heard of their tour from a comicker friend, Aaron Alexovich (of Serenity Rose). He'd posted (on FB) a marquee with their name written across it. That had me pissing with excitement! I had no idea they toured! Back 16 years ago, the internet wasn't as 'at your fingertips' as it is today, and nobody I knew had ever heard of them (except the one person who suggested them), so I always assumed they were some obscure regional band. So glad I was wrong, but sad that I missed out on other opportunities to enjoy them (for instance, it wasn't til a few years back that I even realized they had other albums).

(this is my favourite shot)

It stoked me so much to realize there are women in the band. Plural! That didn't used to be the case when I first heard of them. When I found out they were touring, I had looked up some old performance videos, and I didn't see any women. The theremin was performed by a guy, all guitars (including a crazy-looking one not appearing on this tour) was performed by a guy, but now those two have been replaced by incredible rockin' dames! The guitarist even performed right in the audience for a song!

For those who don't know, the band is a surfer science-fiction rock band with a seriously bitchin' signature sound! They sing, but not often. Most of their songs are instrumental, and any lyrics that do get sung are pretty inconsequential, being minimal, and while live, kinda inaudible anyway, getting drowned out by the guitars. Gah! Those guitars! I couldn't tell between the lead guitar and the secondary which I liked better in terms of which riffs I loved most, because they just split the awesome evenly! And the dame guitarist and bassist were totally in sync!

At one point, they'd invited the singer from the second opening band, The Pack A.D., and the drummer from the first opening band, Wray, to perform a cover song of Don't Change, by INXS, which was pretty cool. Soon after, they ended the show. The last song involved the theremin at center stage, and then at the end of her performance, she picked it up and held it out to the crowd for us all to wave our hands around it, making awesome noises! It was so cool!!!

No encore, but that's okay, because they played an amazing show. The lady guitarist went over to drum during the last song while the drummer went backstage to bring out the packing equipment, during the song! The screens started to scramble, and display an error message. Then at the very end, she kept drumming, as the true drummer started dismantling the drums, and stacking them on top of each other, and eventually got one of the symbol stands up on the very top. Now THAT'S how you tell a band the show's over!

I bounce-danced the entire time. My smile took over my whole face. I squealed with delight at all the songs I recognized. There was me and a random kid up front dancing wildly, and when I looked behind me (oh, I was front and center!), everyone looked so somber and still. Come on! Anyway, after the show, I joined the crowd at the merch table. I bought a tshirt, two stickers, a download card (disguised as a sweet Visitor Pass), and a pin. I'm wearing the shirt right now. It fits great, and is so soft! It may be my new favourite.

Look Book 3

Alice - Dollhouse
Been a while, but I finally got another 7 outfits down. Man, I repeat outfits a lot!

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Rigid (health and the like)

Lexx - Zev
Since it's the beginning of the month, and September notoriously has 30 days in it, I feel it's THE perfect time to kickstart my habit-forming month.

Habits (and schedule) I'm trying to develop:
~brushing my teeth (read toward the end of my wordy entry in my health-tracking journal sailor_diello regarding why).
~getting up with the FIRST alarm (and stretching) so I can make breakfast and don't have to rush out the door.
~practicing the violin EVERY day (I've been majorly slacking)
~strict exercise routine (check my other lj for how the first session went yesterday, if you want).
~reading every night (gotta remember to set deadlines for finishing books, too).
~and actually keeping the schedule I made for myself.

And learn to split my hobbies up throughout the week. I've been doing just sewing, and it's so involved that I moved the machines into the living room so I can watch tv. I think I wouldn't need to do that if it was just once a week or so. I can sew a skirt or something small in just a couple of hours, max. But what's got me chained right now is a dress. Trying my first dress! Welcome to Night Vale themed!! There's a lot happening - lots of parts, lots of irreversible mistakes... so after I finish this dress (and three skirts, and two hand towels I've been sitting on, which can be done in a day), I'm splitting my hobbies.

I've been drinking a lot more water the past couple of weeks and I think my bladder is finally starting to relax about it.

My legs are so sore from yesterday's (first official) workout. I felt pain in my hamstring doing lunges (and so switched to assisted lunges) and thought I was done for, but was able to walk it off, and it didn't hurt when I did squats. I'm SO out of shape that I have decided to work chiefly with bodyweight before going back to my free-weights. Ideally, I'd like to get the strength back in my knees, and gain strength in my arms enough to do a pullup (it's apparently a totally different set of muscles doing bench-presses with a barbell weighing 50 lbs, because that's not a huge problem (though, like I said, not going back to that right away), while doing a simple pushup or preacher-curls is TOUGH. What the fuck, arms?!

Speaking of sewing, though, instead of marathoning shows, I've decided a few nights to dent my movie watch list and have watched a bunch of movies and counting.

Doot-da doot-da doot, the end.

Star Wars Virgin

Before last night, I'd never ever seen Star Wars. I know, shocking, considering I am an active nerd, geek, and sci-fi / fantasy fan (not to mention being vice president and stand-in president for my college's Sci-Fi & Fantasy club). Star Wars is so ingrained into our culture and everyday lives that I never felt the need to see it before, as I felt I already knew the whole story. And I pretty much did.

I know it's not a huge deal, but so many people are so very shocked to know. Two of my favourite English professors (one being my BAE - best adviser ever) LITERALLY WROTE A BOOK about Star Wars! I took Sci-Fi Literature with Silvio, and he noted, with a wink, that he didn't hold it against me that I'd never seen it. I took Writing Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy with Tony, and when he found out, he was completely speechless, and walked away, and did not talk to me for a week, and then explained that since I'd missed out on the childhood majesty of the experience of watching it, I was not even human to him, and that I'd missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime stepping stone.

I'd once confessed my "StarWarginity" to Voltaire, friend, client, and talented singer of a number of Star Wars and Star Trek songs, and he thought it was no big deal. This is the man who taught Jedi wisdom to his son, who pitched a Star Wars sketch to Adult Swim's Robot Chicken (and subsequently had the idea ripped off), who is such a die-hard sci-fi fan that he once requested a fan tape a SW special in case he missed it... And it was no big deal. This is my favourite song that Voltaire has done about Star Wars (and is my favourite song on the whole BiTrektual album):

After years of not seeing it, at first by coincidence, then by principal, then again by lack of opportunity, I finally sat down to watch the file that a friend gave me. "The good version," he said, where Han shot first, and without the Jabba scene added in.

I knew the story, the music, the voices, the characters, though there were a couple little details here and there I didn't know (like how much of a whiney bitch C3PO is, and that Leia is the one who stole the Death Star plans). I do plan on watching the next two, because my prior knowledge of the story lacks after the first film, and some scenes I thought were in the first aren't.

I really loved every minute of the story, from the exposition to the last of the credits. I had gone in assuming the exposition would be really long and wordy, and expected to just kind of pay attention to my nails (which I was painting during the movie), but I gave it a chance and said "oh, that's not boring or long!" and remained enthralled throughout the whole thing. I may have missed the childhood majesty, but it didn't stop me from really enjoying the whole thing, and being on the edge of my seat during a few scenes.

I love Leia! She's got a bit of a mean streak, and resting-bitch-face, but she's great! What I really loved was that she wasn't treated as a "mere" woman, as women so often are treated in films (though less so in sci-fi). She wasn't frail, and no one questioned her based on her gender. She wasn't treated different just because she's female. She was treated as a rebel leader and prisoner. Her attitude was "leader" and not frail princess. Fucking-A :) Also, cinematically speaking, she's the first Disney Princess to have brown eyes (even though she's not the first inducted into the league of Disney Princesses).


Lexx - Zev
I've made a new LJ for keeping track of my fitness/diet/etc, in case you're interested: sailor_diello, which I meant to post to every day, but ended up being busy the past week, so the latest 6 entries are all from today. It will probably be something like that, since there's multiple categories to take care of each day, but I'm hoping it won't be as many as six entries in a single day. I just have to get the swing of things down. I'm hoping to get things down to only a couple a day, but I might have to backlog due to skipping days online.

I'm trying to shape the bad habits out, and bring in good habits. The hardest will be getting off facebook. I deleted the app from my phone, and installed Self Control on my computer, so the only time I'll be on is certain times a day (and at work, which I will have to use actual self control to curb).

My next post will be a LookBook post, because I've been making skirts. I think only one has been shown on past lookbook posts, and I have three more (just gotta finish up the trim on today's skirt. Other than that, I'm on my last day of a 4-day vacation before the pre-semester rush (followed by the start of the semester).

(oh, and I welcome anyone with their own fit/food/progress blog of any kind to add me :)

Date (Conclusion)

La Mecanique du Coeur
The second date went fine, and as expected, he brought up the kiss and inquired about further pursuit, which I declined. He'd actually sat down to explain his philosophy of his polyamourous lifestyle, which I already knew from having spoke with him about it years ago, not to mention again on our first date. Okay, I get it!

I'd told him about my "marital" troubles on our first date, and he took that to mean I'm looking to pursue something on the sly. No, I'm not interested in an affair. If I was, I still wouldn't want it to be with him. I don't care if it's not considered an affair to someone who is poly'. I'm not currently in a poly' relationship, so it'd be an affair for me. And just because we are friends who get along in conversation, does not mean I'm also romantically interested. I have no problem with the polyamourous lifestyle. I think it's great! It's just not for me right now.

So I friend-zoned him, but nicely, and I think we'll be okay. We continued the date for a couple hours afterward, and he'd slip in some more bullet-points of being in a poly' relationship, which made him seem like he was being passively pushy about he and I getting together, and I ignored it.

We'll see how it goes if we go out again.


Lexx - Stan
I went on a real date, or something like a real date on Thursday with my friend Greg, who is engaged, polyamourous, has dated a friend of mine, and now is apparently interested in me.

We had tea and watched the last showing of Snowpiercer, and held hands on the way to his car. Not a weird thing for me with friends, and I didn't think anything big of it. We hugged goodbye and I gave him a peck on the cheek, and he replied with one mouth-to-mouth. I didn't think anything of it, except that it wasn't a particularly good kiss. He offered to drive me home, and I accepted, because he is great company to talk to, and car rides tend to be the best place to chat. Then we kissed again, and he made a kind of vocal expression of interest. Yikes.

I am going out with him again, but am not going to kiss him again. We are friends, and I want to remain just friends - just friends who go out for coffee or tea sometimes - and I have to nip this in the bud if I am going to keep things that way. So I am seeing him this afternoon after work at Java's.

I don't really know what I can talk about, except books maybe, but apparently he loves talking to me, which I find a little odd, yet flattering. I've never found myself to be the best conversationalist while talking to a doctoral (English-Lit) intellectual. I'm mentally below that, I'll admit. But I do enjoy listening, and I enjoy one-on-one chats where I can't be interrupted by someone on the sidelines.

Seriously. Not kissing him again. Can I dish? I'm going to dish. I'm not one to kiss-and-tell, but only colloquially, where kiss actually means fuck. I'm not one to fuck-and-tell, at least not on 'paper.' He is such a bad kisser. He makes an open O with his mouth as he goes in, and is so puckered, it's like kissing the hardened bill of a duck. I don't know if that's just a thin-lipped guy thing, or what. It was so awkward. I much prefer the kiss of someone with soft, pillowy lips.