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I just checked my mail and I sold the most expensive thing I have listed on eBay (a $175 original Sophie Campbell Wet Moon illustration)!

I'm selling off a lot of Sophie Campbell stuff (formerly Ross Campbell).

Cat out of the bag, she's my ex, and we had a nasty breakup. I'm not gonna go into details, but the breakup completely blindsided me and she gaslighted me into thinking it was all my fault, even though it wasn't. She also did this to a handful of her other friends.

It sucks to get rid of some of this stuff, but it hurts too much to look at it. I've still kept some of her older stuff, but I'm still struggling with the idea of getting rid of those - she'd personalized some of them, and even gave me a shoutout IN the last Wet Moon comic.

Hell, the Glory books already on the chopping block have a photograph of Ross that I took - Image used the other photo I took in one of the TMNT comics, too. It's like cutting off that one part of me that felt useful to her (at one point, hearing about the other friends she ditched, I assumed she dumped me because I wasn't useful to her career).

Anyway, I have some of her original Hunger Games illustrations, Wet Moon prints, and a couple comics left.

Trying to be organized.

I'm trying to be organized. Part of that is cleaning my house from top to bottom (I literally started at the top, cleaning my entire attic. It's beautiful up there; or it would be if it had a proper ceiling and swept floor - no broom in the 'verse can sweep that amount of dust).

After cleaning all my most used rooms (my workshop has no circulation, so it's way too hot to use or clean over the summer), I took everything that needed to be put in its place and did just that.

I did a practice run of a morning routine to see how much time I need to get ready for workdays. Roughly 45 minutes. That means I have to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier to be able to not feel rushed.
I should time the rest of the stuff I do throughout my day.

I made a lot of additions and a few subtractions that made everyday life easier.

Kitchen stuff: paper towel holder, potholder holder (which was a paper towel holder I found in the attic immediately after buying a new one), a much more functional (and cuter) drain-catch, and a sponge holder. I also removed a small-but-tall shelf from my room and put it in a perfectly sized gap on the counter between the cabinet and stove. I put my most-used spices and oils on it. Top shelf for the kettle, bottom shelf for the bucket of cooking utensils. It makes the kitchen seem so much bigger.

Bedroom stuff: cute photo boxes for photos, cards, and important mail I can't just get rid of yet, a basket for all my (non-makeup, non-hair) primping products and medicines, a cool skull box for all my hair accessories and bracelets (holy crap, I needed that one), an extra drawer for my socks, a new case for my makeup, a habit-changing board, an inspiration board (which needs extra support - it is huge, and it just fell off my wall), and donated a bunch of crap to make room for things that needed new homes.

Living room stuff: A new table with chairs from IKEA (second-hand), a new couch, moved my Wii back from the workshop. And that's about it. I didn't do much with the living room yet.

Sewing room stuff: Got rid of two huge clusterfuck drawers of crap (and then Charles promptly moved new stuff back into it. Sigh).

Other ways I'm trying to improve myself: better bras, actual eye-makeup remover (I just use cold-cream as close as I can and then finish it up with baby shampoo), cleansing conditioner to replace shampoo/conditioner, back on my estrogen-dominance meds, actually doing the things I say I'm going to do (this one's pretty hard), paying attention to my spending, saving money, preparing shit the night before, low-carb diet, and de-cluttering my life. It's a steady process, but I'm glad I can do it.

Sorry this post was boring as hell.

Shit shit shit.

I just got fired.

Not for real, just...

I've gone over my budgeted hours and I can't work again until September 2nd.

So hey, did you know I sell Steampunk Jewelry?

Here's a link to my etsy:

PITY ME (or at least spread this link around)
Last week, I shut off Facebook (it was mostly over the weekend, but there were some weekdays in there. I couldn't handle being bombarded with news of shootings, politics, and conspiracy theories, and I just had enough of reality.

Aside from giving Emily another henna job while we watched tv, I didn't even get much done - I just wanted to shut everything out and veg on the couch. Til Charles came home to report what's happening around the corner from us. A giant protest rally with every single city cop wearing riot gear in formation, blocking off the entire East End, slowly backing the protesters into an alley, ready to wrangle them into a paddy wagon. I walked down there and watched - slowly getting closer, until a fight broke out not ten feet from where I stood - in the dark, it's just a mass of fists and billy clubs and people falling to the ground, disappearing into the swarm. I couldn't get over my shock enough to capture it, but I got some video footage right afterwards (you can see it by looking up @fawndolyn on instagram).

During the week, I translated the first episode of a Quebec French show called Motel Monstre, which I saw on TV during my last trip to Toronto. It's a kid show, but I really enjoyed the cinematography and character designs. It's cute. And I think a kid show is a good start for learning Quebecois.

It took an episode and a half to realize maybe I should take notes on some of the colloquial pieces I run into. And it took half an episode to realize I accidentally started from the end, and had translated the last episode instead of the first (I finally finished the first this week).

At home, I'm taking my translation and the clean video from the website, and am using Premiere Pro to put subtitles on (I've found it easier to create titles burned onto the video itself, instead of making a subtitle track - maybe someday, I'll learn the other way around). Placing the subtitles is tough, but it's really helping me be able to get a good ear for Quebecois.

My ultimate plan is to try to finish an episode a week and upload it to either Vimeo or YouTube, but sitting at a computer for so long gets hard, especially in the summer heat. I may have to say every other week, and hold off til I have a few under my belt to get uploading.

My friends Jackie and Chris got married over the weekend. I overate and spent a good portion of the evening with a bad stomach-ache, and leaving the room to lay down somewhere else. I will eat like a bird usually, but when I'm around a LOT of food, my willpower goes out the window. Everything tasted amazing, though! And I had a good time otherwise.

They had a bit of a Harry Potter theme going - The wedding and reception were held at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, which is the closest look Rochester has to Hogwarts. The placement cards (for who sits where) were scattered around a sorting hat, and next to that, the party favours were bags of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and little Gladiolus bulbs made out to look like Mandrake roots.

I felt like I wasn't meant to dance with the bride or groom, though. I danced with Chris a little bit, and we talked about the honeymoon, and Japan, and he revealed that he minor'd in Japanese, and actually went to Japan. What? I wanted to know so much more! But no, Jackie stole him away from me. And then when Jackie beckoned me onto the dance floor, she said she hasn't gotten to dance with me all night, and that's as far as we got before she got called away to someone else. I felt really sad about that and there was nothing I could do about it except watch everyone else get their chance with them.

But to end it on a happy note, I really did have a good time. Plenty more happy moments than not (there's also a video of The Kiss on my instaG).

Pokemon Go... oh boy.

I don't know shit about Pokemon, but I downloaded it to see what's all the rage. It's cute, but even on energy-saver, it drains the battery, and skyrockets my data usage. After my first day, I got a text saying I've used 90% of my allowance (not sure where I was at before, but I usually get notified when I'm at 75%, too). I'm not going to talk about the conspiracy privacy thing (apparently, the privacy policy gives full access to gmail).

The data/battery aside, this game shows a lot of benefits.

First, it gets people (who might not otherwise) out of the house and walking around. And with as big a hit as this is, all the Poke-nerds are coming out to play, and you walk down the street, or look at the large groups of relatively young people in any area, and they're all looking at their phones, and it's different than any other group of young people who look at their phones. It's like watching zombies, but they socialize in a different way. They still talk to each other, even in passing, you might hear, "Happy hunting!" from a passerby. And no, people aren't walking while glued to their phones - you put your phone down by your side and walk. You'll feel a buzz when a pokemon appears (and it won't disappear before you've finished crossing the street, so hurry up).

And that's the second thing. Not only are people getting a little bit more exercise and breathing fresh air (good for physical and mental health), but they're socializing. Back in the day, Pokemon was played with other players - that much hasn't changed. Then there was the show and the video game, and the social aspect was taken away. Nobody left the room, the basement, the corner of a school lobby... Now, like an old fashioned card tournament, people are getting out there and meeting other players. Meeting new people. On my first day, I exchanged knowing glances and met a bunch of people at one spot alone. They gave me a few good tips, and we all hunted together. It was great. I saw people exchanging info on the park bench, groups moseying over to other groups to chat, and I just thought it was all pretty cool.

Even in the middle of the night, the little hotspots around town had a few people chilling out.

As for this week, nothing much. Going to see Gin Blossoms tomorrow. Going to see Weird Science on Friday. Oh! I started my pole classes! Holy hell, my arms are gonna be ROCKIN' at the end of the summer! And hardcore pms-eating.

For the rest of the week, I shall prepare an asexual-aware goth outfit for the pride parade on Saturday. It will most likely be the ace colors via accessories and buttons.

Boss's Boss

My boss's boss D came in like a storm and wrecked everything in her path. She started with the keyboard.

Ever since I got a sweet new Logitech keyboard, I've used the filthy one for student use only, by slipping it on the other side of the monitors, so they can use it when they come up to the desk (as someone who likes to avoid student germs, this is my best idea yet). I also popped off the two Enter keys, because either habit (or just sheer idiocy) forces them to hit enter when they've finished typing pretty much anything, regardless if they can see that there's a whole form to fill out (it really messes things up to hit enter early).

So D came in and stopped at my keyboard to bitch about it. "What's going on with this keyboard?" My co-worker Y and I look over and see nothing wrong with it. "What do you mean? It's been there for half a year now," I replied. "What's going on with it??" I moved my monitor to see if there was anything wrong with it. Y asked if there was something on it. D held it up and said it's busted up. "I took the Enter keys off. It's been like that the whole time." "Whatever."

And then she moved on to me.

We discussed summer scheduling - there were going to be three weeks at the end of the summer where no one (except the librarians) would be monitoring the computer lab for the first hour we're open (8am. My job doesn't start til 9 - I'm in a different department, despite my desk being located in the library). The main concern is printing a sheet of guest passes, (an ability I have, but have never used). Only one person comes in over the summer who uses it, and he comes in 2 or 3 hours AFTER MY OWN shift, meaning, no one really NEEDS to be here an hour early for purposes of printing this paper at its usual time.

I was turned to my desk, finishing up helping a walk-up student when I hear, "if all else fails, Fawn'll just do it."

I turned around and tried to hold back my laughter as I said, NO. I didn't want to have to get up an hour earlier. She was dumbfounded and demanded an answer. "Who are you to say no to me?"

Since we've had a pretty easy and laid back relationship til now, I wasn't sure she was seriously upset about this or not, so I said it. "I do a lot of -"


I... was totally caught off-guard here, and it only got worse. I could barely get in any words as she went off and insulted me and my job.

I tried to say that I have gotten up early for her in the past, and I have jumped through hoops just to please her, just to get some recognition of going above and beyond my job description: when she needed someone to open the lab at the other campus, I'd get up at 5:30am just to take two buses to the other campus and open at 7:30. When she needed someone to cover AV here, I was transferred against my wishes, and put to no use. When I was needed at MY job here, I came over with no complaints. When someone needs to come in at night, I'm always the one, despite no one being here at night. Fuck, she even pressured me into making a cake for her daughter's wedding, which I assume is just because she thinks she can take advantage of the fact that I don't generally ask for money from friends - which she is not.

I tried to say these things, but I couldn't get any full sentences out as she ripped into me. Saying, I need to go and get a real job, because this job isn't real. That she'll take this into consideration when thinking about hiring a full-timer for my desk at the new building (a job that currently doesn't even exist, but something I've been working toward the entire time I've been here). That I wouldn't get up an hour earlier for the job.

Let's ignore the fact that my job doesn't start til 9am, when my job's hours of operation start. Let's ignore the fact that she's constantly bringing up my budget and that I might have to take (unpaid) time off at the end of the fiscal year because I'm running close to the end of my budget - and now she wants to tag on an extra 15 hours. Let's ignore the fact that if I had a full-time job here, I'd be on salary and making more than $10/hr. and that's worth the sleep loss. Let's ignore the fact that I'll have to get up earlier for the same job at the new building anyway, so I can get to the further destination on time.

Because she apparently ignores all the things I do for her. And she has the audacity to cut me down for saying No ONCE in all the time I'm here. Maybe I have something going on at night and could use the extra hour's sleep. Does she even ask? No. She asks what I even do here. She dangles a non-existent fantasy job in my face, treats me like a peasant who dares reject her scraps, and asks what I even do.

You know what, lady, you read my justification letter. You know damn well what I do here.

General Update

I finished my Aerial Yoga class. Emily and I couldn't drudge up enough interest in a summer class, so they canceled it, which we're both pretty bummed about. I'd like to build a home rig for silks, but I couldn't afford it. I'll still hunt around for ideas, though.

We tried a pole-dancing workshop last week and loved it (well I loved it, at least). Emily can't do that kind of work every week for injury purposes (she was in a bad car accident and messed up her shoulder), but I am considering joining the summer Pole class, which will start the week after Independence Day.

Emily and I have been spending a lot of time together. We had a chill-and-drink-in-the-kiddie-pool day, a cleaning day (I cleaned her kitchen and swept the basement), a henna day, and some other hang out days. Here's one of the results for the henna day. I did this on her thigh, and also did one on her foot.

It's Jazz Fest season, so I'll be spending a lot more time downtown. I'm not much of a jazz fan, but I am a fan of hanging out with my friend Ron, who attends every year.

I've decided to take on a new translation project. Usually, my translation projects are comic book based. I've done a few chapters from a couple of books, too. They're also European French. This is a whole new circus.

On my last trip to Toronto, I fell in love with this adorable kid show called Motel Monstre. The cinematography and designs are gorgeous, and the whole thing is super adorable. A zombie, a vampire, a demon and a witch work in this hotel, and shenanigans occur. But it's in French, and completely unavailable anywhere but the TFO site (TFO is its network).

I have access to all the episodes, with French subtitles, so I will be screencap'ing every single subtitle, and then going through and translating, and putting them together in Premiere, then off to Vimeo. The thing is, it's Canadian French. They speak very fast. It's gonna be different and difficult, especially trying to pick up the language. But hopefully, it'll be fun!

Face Space

I don't usually post about my Facebook, unless I'm talking about a certain interaction within or something. But I'd like to share a few of my pages. The newest page is at the very bottom. I really hope it gets a few more likes. I'm really rubbish at plugging my own stuff, but it's gotta happen if I'm going to try to make it, right? Right.

Chocolate in my Cleavage
Dextra started this meme page, and then gave me accomplice access last year. She does this thing I do with mixed tapes/cds, which is find a phrase within and make that the album name. We rock some funny and occasionally offensive shit on that page. Check it out! And while I'm on the subject, check out...

Dextra Hoffman's Art and Junk
Her work is gorgeous, and I love it! I'm pretty sure I posted her David Bowie piece a little while back.

Now for my own pages:

Honey in my Gears
It's a name I've had for roughly 20 years now across many platforms (alongside diello). The facebook page is made just for my jewelry, which is also for sale on etsy. I organized the hell out of this after making...

Fawndolyn Art
This page is brand new! I have sections for copics, watercolor, brown bag, inktober, all kinds of stuff (actually, that might be about the range there). I'm hoping it'll entice me to make art again.


I don't know how we came upon the discussion, but I decided I wanted to confirm to Charles that I have a Top Three of favourite Beatles songs. As he helped me come up with a number 2 and 3 for my list (I only knew my top favourite one), I decided, maybe I could do a Top Five, and then it came down to a Top Ten.

It took two days to figure out a tenth song I loved. Charles sang bits of every song from every album, only he skipped a couple here and there, which I discovered when I eventually gave up and went on Spotify. Then I threw them in order. I think I got it.

1) Here Comes The Sun
2) Across the Universe
3) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
4) Penny Lane
5) I Wanna Hold Your Hand
6) All My Loving
7) And I Love Her
8) Help
9) Hey Jude
10) Strawberry Fields Forever

Best Friends

Two random bits:

I saw the old man who wiped out hard on the bus - he's doing well and healing up fine. I now carry an arsenal of bandaids in my purse for just in case.

I finally got to hear the new Dionysos album, Vampire en Pyjama, and it's fucking gorgeous. Really feels like a throwback to older times. I also have the book of the same name - a diary of the singer's year in the hospital, living off others' blood (transfusions) as he battles aplastic aphasia. Yikes!

The main:

Emily and I have been chilling out a lot again, like old times - She was my best friend back in the beginning of LiveJournal's heyday. And it's like being back there again. We are taking aerial yoga together, cleaning her hoarder Gran's house, watching TV (Broad City and Daria, with an occasional movie in the mix), eating junk food, chilling out in the kiddie blow-up pool, and running around town like mad. It's great fun.

Despite my shitty eating habits while at Emily's house, we run around and do so much stuff that my calorie count still puts me at a huge deficiency for the day (wildly under my target calorie mark). I've also discovered that, while I do still love sweets, my tastebuds have finally changed to disgust for things with too much sugar (like Apple Jacks cereal, which I once loved).

Cleaning Emily's house has enticed me to clean up my own apartment, so I've been trying to not be so lazy about the upkeep - putting dishes, empty bottles, and laundry in their right place as soon as I should, instead of whenever I get to it. I got a new dining table with chairs, and I had to clear out the living room. That + Emily helped kickstart me into gear.

And she's totally helped me upgrade my wardrobe! Expect pictures of some new outfits in the near future, maybe. She gave me a bunch of undergarments that no longer fit her (literally the first time I've EVER had a bra that fits me perfectly) and a bunch of awesome dresses.

And we're not done yet! Today, we're going shopping. Tomorrow, we're taking an intro to pole class. Thursday is yoga. Next weekend, the world.

Today, she told me I make her stay motivated and not depressed. I'm glad I've got that affect on someone in the world, and I'm glad it's Emily <3

No Good Terrible Something Something Day

Brian stood me up for our lunch date, so I caught the bus home (I would have walked, but I was ill-prepared for the black clouds looming closer).

Two stops before my own, an elderly man tried to get on the bus. I noticed the driver didn't lower the doorstep like he should, and I found out why this is such a big deal when the old man face-planted trying to get on. He coiled his face into his bag to hide his tears as people, except the bus driver who couldn't care less, rushed to his aid. When he finally got on, we noticed both his legs bleeding. He had a gusher on one leg, and some deep scrapes on the other. He sat right in front of me and I searched my bag for a tissue to no avail (thankfully, someone from the back brought tissues and a bandaid). I talked to him for a minute. He seemed in good spirits, joking here and there, but my heart ached for this guy who had no one to sit with him and help him. The gusher wouldn't stop bleeding by the time we got to my stop. I told him he should put the bandaid on it fast. The second I stepped off the bus, it dawned on me that I could have ridden out further and bussed back later, if only to make sure he got proper medical support (or at least to a first aid kit) wherever he ended up. But I didn't, and I worried so much about him, and I was so angry at the bus driver who didn't lower the step, didn't get off his ass to help, and didn't have a fucking first aid kit on the bus (or know where it is, because it's baffling to think a public transit bus wouldn't have a first aid kit).

Charles came home to find me laying on the couch being sad about the whole thing. I explained, and I just burst into tears. We went for a drive to run an errand, and immediately upon pulling up to a main street, I noticed, "hey, they changed the Florida license plates," and pointed at the car ahead of us at the stop light. When the light turned green, I watched that car almost run over an old man crossing the street. He had the right-of-way, with the Go light on the crosswalk, and that asshole from Florida nearly plowed into him! Shouting and beeps were heard from all who witnessed it, and I freaked out and shouted out the window to the old man, "Are you okay??" "Yeah," he replied, as we moved on our way so as not to block traffic. I didn't call the cops, even though we tailed the car for a mile and I had their plate number. Because we all know how useful the police system is for such incidents. I started crying again.

I was so upset from these incidents that I was sure my time at the Cup tonight would be awful - bawling my eyes out for ten minutes. I'm very thankful to say it wasn't bad. I had a really amazing time with my friends, and it really helped me finish the day.