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[sticky post] To New Friends

Greetings new friends, etc. I present to you a comprehensive summary of my personality profile, mostly tucked under a cut for your convenience.
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My websites and social networks:

See you, Space Cowboy.

Fry Fury

I don't know what my hormones were doing, but at the end of my period, and at the end of a very long and unusually stressful day at work, and after I weighed myself, showing NO weight loss, I just NEEDED hot, instant, junk-food. And I had Ch. get some after he got out of work at night (at 11:30pm, I don't usually eat after 9). In the meantime, I devoured all the chocolate in the house. He texted some questions, I was very specific, and everywhere I sent him was closed, even McDonald's. When he texted that McD's was closed, I lost it. I burst into tears, I started using a thousand exclamations in my text to show my extreme anger and texted demands he could do nothing about. Then I realized... McD's doesn't close in the city. I looked it up to verify, and then was suddenly EVEN MORE angry at him for lying to me (he didn't - he was in a different town, yet I don't know why he was all the way out there). I eventually got my two large fries and double cheeseburger (though I'm still bummed I didn't get any pickles OR ketchup - they used to be default).

I feel infinitely better now. I don't have this insatiable craving for crap anymore, and I can focus again. Fuck that period.


Next week (except it was actually last week, because I started this entry over 2 weeks ago and forgot to continue it), I plan to pare down my expansive and room-hogging hobbies. My craft room is currently a massive and disastrous catch-all and it's stressing me out. My living room and bed room stressed me out all week and I finally got the opportunity to clean them, and ugh, so much better. I want this for everywhere.

So... my hobbies. I don't really have a passion, but I have things I default to, and things that make me generally happy to do. Then there's a million other things I tried, liked, but never got back to.

I'm mentally going through my craft room and thinking of which hobbies I love vs which hobbies I have time to get into. These requirements rarely have a crossover. I need to start making time for the hobbies I really like. And for the hobbies I want to like, the ones I want to have time for, I'm making time to get done what I wanted to get out of them. Sewing, for instance - everything I bought once had a specific purpose, but now they are just a pile of fabric. I want to go through these things, write down what they are and what project I bought them for, and if I still have interest in doing it, set it aside and make a plan to actually do it.

Off the top of my head, there's drawing and painting, which is the most important hobby I have right now, and the one that I chiefly wish to hone. My fine art supplies are going to be hard to go through, because sometimes it just strikes my fancy to pick up an old medium, like pastels, and get to it, and I love it, but that fancy doesn't strike me more than once a year, max. I guess that's another thing I need to make time for.

My jewelry stuff brings me no joy anymore, but brings me fame and fortune, figuratively speaking. It's the only thing that gives me a secondary source of income, on the occasion I make a sale through etsy or land a booth somewhere. I don't like it anymore, though. Steampunk has been a dying fad for a while now, and it's showing in my sales. I still make bank when I booth, and I like selling it, but I don't like setting up a table and I don't like making them (even though I do end up liking most of the designs I come up with - a task that gets harder and harder as the years go on and my interest wanes). But friends and family praise my creations, and I don't want to disappoint some of them.
(edit: this weekend, I went through all my jewelry supplies and pared it down to only things that inspire me, and have it all in one carry-case. Even now, I feel I was too generous with my collection, and like everything else I'm cutting down, I'll have to give it a round-two soon)

I took up knitting a long time ago, but I mostly did it to get my mind off my dad dying. I like to do it, still, but it's not too useful anymore. I would like to give this a second try, though, so hopefully, I can make time for it in the future. It feels weird, though, like I should be doing something else with my hands or something. It feels almost too indulgent, maybe. But there are some things in the yarn hobby that I think I can get rid of. Felting was cool to learn, but I think I'm over that. I bought a sock loom, and that just annoyed me, especially since the directions get a little confusing around building the heel, and took weeks just for one sock (I'm sure it wouldn't take so long if I had way more time to dedicate, but). Crocheting could be fun, but there was a project last year that really wrecked my ambition for it. I mean, I've got yarn for knitting, I may as well keep some crochet hooks. Embroidery and needlepoint is something I've always wanted to get into, but never got the chance, so I'm hoping next year will yield some time for that.

Sculpting and woodwork are my anger management devices. I shan't be getting rid of too much there. In fact, I'd like to expand on that a little bit (though not so soon in the year - I'd like to hone my drawing and designing first). I'm afraid to go through or get rid of any of my SFX makeup, because I spent so much money on it, but I haven't had any time for it. I'm hoping this will be the year I can carve out some time to dedicate to it.

This month, I'm going to get back into practicing the violin. As I stated in my Resolutions post, I felt the devastating blow of being ghosted by my former tutor, and also had an overbearing friend that combined, completely closed me off from my violin. This month, I'm going to start practicing again. Next month, I'm going to start the search for a new tutor.
I want to stay on top of it, and I also want to keep some time to noodle around with my ukulele (another 4-string. Can't go back to a guitar after these instruments).

The non-tangible hobbies I had in the past tend to cost money and/or require me to leave the house. I feel better home, or in a coffee shop, so I can probably give writing a casual go every year, since it costs nothing to keep up (however, I do reference old diaries and notes like crazy, which take up space in an annoying way - probably best I transfer such things to digital). Urban exploration is free-ish, super fun, but risky and no fun to do alone, and my usual explorer crew have abandoned the hobby for the most part. I wish I could love ice skating more, and I have a season pass, but when I took on more things last year, it hindered my ambition. Maybe I'll get back to it before my pass is up and see if I'm rekindled enough to go another year. Aerial arts, while awesome, is really costly, and the classes fill me with dread before each session, because it's rough, but really ended up yielding such little results. Sure, I could do class-specific things I couldn't do at the beginning of the term, but what use are these new muscles if I don't keep shelling out $75 per term? And what use are these outside class? I can get good use out of stretching and barre, but they are still expensive for things I can do home or at the gym.

So this year will be the year of shirring my hobby storage, and not starting any new projects til I've finished old ones.


Last year, I eventually found a niche in making monthly/weekly/daily resolutions (or monthly resolutions, and the rest were plans to see them fulfilled).  This is why I love my whiteboard.  It helps me stay focused and makes me feel accomplished when I get to cross something off the to-do.  Last two months were pretty good.   The whiteboard evolved a lot over the last year, so I feel pretty good about accomplishing shit this year.

The list:

1.  Get back on the wagon with my diet.  I blew off the diet like crazy this last month.  Gained over 10 pounds.  I'm so puffy and gross.  But I ate so many delicious foods.  As of yesterday, I went back on my full keto regime.  Gonna try to go the rest of the winter without a cheat meal.

2.  Go back to the gym.  I'm doing this next month.  This month is wrangling the diet and getting back into the swing of work schedules.

3.  Get back into the violin.  I love my violin and I miss it.  But I took it kinda hard when my tutor ghosted me and moved away.  Mixed with having an overpossessive friend who took all my time for a while, I haven't practiced since last summer.  This month, I'll be practicing solo.  Next month, I'll look for a new tutor.

4.  Draw every day.  Post (on instagram) every day, even if it's just a sketch.  And this includes digital stuff.  I'll have an art challenge from an artist I follow to help me (this month's study theme is Eyes). 

5.  Finish projects.  The main projects I'm going to finish this winter: Toyetica drawing, marshmallow ashcan, website updates, and part 1 of my Ace ashcans.  The rest of the year, I'm going to mark off weeks or months for specific projects.  From now on, when I decide to make something, I won't put it aside and let other projects stack on top.  I'll commit to only the project at hand.  That way, I won't accumulate a million supplies for projects I'll never get to (this resolution includes setting aside time to knock out some little side projects to bring down my stash of unused supplies).

6.  Keep finishing the little things.  It's dumb, but it helps stave off my depression if I keep feeling accomplished, even a little.  I used to joke about making super basic resolutions, like "put on deodorant, keep at least one resolution, take over the world" but with depression, man, it'd be an actual accomplishment to put on deodorant.  The whiteboard helps so much.  Daily things can be as big as setting up a new shop page, or as little as putting on some new nailpolish.  Plus there's space for breaking down giant projects into manageable chunks.

7.  Make comics.  I've been dying to make an auto-bio ongoing comic (strip), which is why I chose to make my queer book project that I haven't even started yet.  But I really want to make just any-day comics for myself.  Hell, I might even make one for these resolutions.

8.  Slowly kill Honey in my Gears.  I cut down the clutter in my craft room.  That was a huge hurdle.  Next on the list is cutting down the jewelry-making crap.  I don't like it anymore, but it brings me money, so I can't cut it off, only down.  I'll  have to dedicate a month to mass-making stuff out of it all, so I have a full supply of booth stuff, with fewer unused pieces, and won't have to worry about replenishing.

9.  Keep applying to booth as an artist, and hell, as a craft jeweler.  I've been waitlisted for Tora-Con.  No one gets in from the waitlist.  Bummer.  I was really hopeful about that.  I look at the stuff in the artist alley and see some cool stuff, but a huge load of amature stuff, and I hoped I could finally be one of them.  But I'll keep trying every year, and will try for other cons, and keep trying to find ways to expand my art into more marketable items (like pins and stickers and cards).

10.  Read all my French books.  Maybe not all of them.  I have a lot more since I first decided I wanted to dedicate a year to reading only in French.  I might just read maybe 5 novels, some short stories, and a comic (I only have one new French comic this year).  I also want to get a couple of Japanese comics and translate one of those.  And maybe work through a German one.  German is so hard, but worth it.  And of course, I've got some English books I have on my list.  I want to read more, in general.  My first book of the year will be A Wrinkle in Time, borrowed from Ron.  I haven't read it since I was in 3rd grade.

My new year began with a blood sacrifice.  I cut my thumb on, get this, a goddamn cocktail shrimp.  But during the day, first day, I accomplished so much.  I knocked a bunch of big things off my list of things to do (short only a few things, three of which will take only a few moments).

I updated and re-activated my etsy shop.
I created and loaded a brand new shop on Storenvy!
I showered/shaved.
And some other little things.

Only things I didn't get done were exfoliating (I forgot to bring in coffee grinds into the shower with me), painting my nails, hydrating my violin cases (all do-able today), and updating my official websites (which I should be able to get done by week's end).

Art Box 2017

Every year, I post the work I made throughout the year. This year was particularly uninspired, however I did have a very large project take up most of my prime drawing time, and I started some things I intend to finish this winter.

In no particular order (though I will try). Here's my art box of completed work, not including a number of Inktober pieces that somehow slipped my saves.

These were my first pieces of the year.  Starting my Memento Mori series.

Some experiments in a new watercolour technique, drawing dudes (and using metallic pens), and practicing perspective a'la a friend's Skillshare class.

#MeetTheArtist got me to do my own artist/bag illustration, and I fell in love with drawing little things (a love I skirted with the previous year's sushi book).  And I've been working on a new how-to book full of little things ever since, but in the meantime, it prompted me to do a look-book (which I had difficulty keeping up, but may continue going back to it).

This is just a goofy thing I did to caption something Marty did.  I will eventually make stickers out of it.

I landed a book deal and worked diligently for months, and eventually had to take a break to do some ME stuff.  I sketched this lovely fae-face in a sketchbook, and mixed with meeting a gorgeous skater with moves like a graceful dancing fairy, I was inspired to make the face into something more.  This is my first piece in my nice new Windsor & Newton watercolours.  The next piece was drawn because I wanted to make something full, and wanted to make a fan-art of The Gentleman from Strange & Norrell.

Another break to do things for myself, this time revisiting my copic markers.  I drew these for a punk character design challenge.

Really?  The only Inktober pieces I could find are these two?  I'm going to go home later and remedy this in an edit.

This is what took me so much work.  Four illustrations, and I'm still getting paid for it (and by still, I mean I'm finally getting paid, in small doses).
I learned a lot from this experience.

Yuri on Ice, which I turned into a holiday greeting card, and has sparkly sequens I did in metallic pen.
And Blue Diamond & Yellow Diamond from Steven Universe.


2017 was the year of getting my shit together.  I haven't succeeded yet, and I wonder if it's going to be a never-ending struggle for me.  I strive to be like the friends I have who seem to not only have their shit together, but have an endless supply of energy and an even more endless list of things they do on a regular basis.  But I think I bit off more than I can chew this year.  I need to get my current life in order first, then add stuff to it. Slowly.

The good news is I feel like I'm finally on the right path. I think I can get my shit together the first half of this winter, and can organize it by the end.

I learned some new skills and hobbies this year - new drawing techniques, crochet, ice skating, aerial tricks, more third position in Violin, geocaching...

I friend-wrangled in many ways - met up with some old friends, made some new friends, cut down and eventually cut off with overbearing friends, dealt with friends' mood swings, learned things good and bad about certain friends & now former friends...

Got some interesting work - moved to a new campus at my main job, got a new job at a liquor store, booth'd the punk picnic, and two holiday sales, sold my underwear to panty-sniffers, made a new website for myself, joined a podcast audio drama cast, landed a paid book deal, which also gave me my first radio interview and signing event, and most recently landed a commission for 3 paintings.

Dealt with some new stresses like having a shit-slinging orangutan as a "president," having mild and severe panic attacks, being threatened by a schizophrenic student, getting a root canal on a front tooth, diet issues, getting shingles and other rashes, and dealing with shitty behavior from friends.

Made it to some fantastic events - TCAF, Dave McKean meet and greet and film debut, Guillermo Del Toro's exhibit, Nick Gurewich's book launch, my own book launch, Krampus party in NYC, Emmet Otter's Jugband Xmas Live performance, and some sweet concerts (see below).

And got some stuff! Playstation 4, a new couch, another ball-joint doll, my first leather jacket, a heated blanket, some halloween stuff (like, a lot of it), a new list board, and an Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa)!

A couple other things to note: ten year anniversary since Paul's death, guerilla crochet event, first ice skating hardcore wipeout, fourth of July date, KonMari crap, diet crap, exercise crap.

The only person I'm planning to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve is my 2017 self GOODBYE! New year, new me. At last, I'm gonna try.

My biggest new year's resolution: GROW

here's some lists of new music, shows, movies, books, comics, gamesCollapse )


New York City

In Which I Mentally Prepare
The temperature of my excitement fluctuated wildly in the weeks before the trip. At first, I dreaded going to NYC for a whole weekend, assuming Sam would try to make me drink to excess (as she did say, upon making the plan initially, that we would spend the whole train ride getting bombed), as she's notoriously done in the past. I have found a way to successfully avert this recently, so the dread waned. In the days leading up to it, the dread became more generalized - spending a weekend far from home, will I have enough money (Thanks to Sam, I actually spent very little money), and what do I wear/bring - that kind of stuff. I made a detailed and illustrated list of what to put in which bag, which helped immensely, though I did forget black eye shadow.

In Which We Arrive and Knock Stuff Off the To-Do List
Off the train, a driver took us from Penn Station to East Harlem, and the drive was more "Crazy Taxi" than I've ever experienced, weaving through the traffic like a snake on the prowl. I have to commend anyone who can take command of the sardine-tin that is Manhattan traffic.

When we arrived at the apartment, we settled in, then rounded the corner to a nice little hipster bar for a couple drinks and some fries. Hit a bodega for morning food on the way back. I got to pet a sweetheart bodega kitty.

Saturday, we hit the streets to Bryant Park to see the giant lit-up Xmas tree and meet up with Sam's sister and nieces. Sam couldn't keep her face out of the phone and walked at a snail's pace in the middle of the sidewalk, which drove me insane and I had to keep telling her it's a straight walk and she doesn't need to look at her phone's map constantly. Sam and Chuck made fun of me for walking at the same speed the locals walked. I didn't understand. We knew where we were going, we weren't stopping elsewhere, and what's the problem with walking at a normal pace? I hate being a tourist. If I want to look around or check my map, I step to the side and don't take up space on the sidewalk.

Bryant Park was okay, but we got over it quickly. We got some nice photos by the giant tree, a frozen fountain, some ice-skaters, and the spooky spire, but didn't stick around. We asked a local where to get a drink around here. She said she didn't know anywhere around here, but then turned back to us and said, "except," with a huge list of bars around the block. We saw a giant shamrock, but decided something that obvious will probably have shitty food, so we kept going two doors down to a less conspicuous Irish-American pub for a drink and a bite. We got ready for the Krampus party in the bathroom.

In Which Krampus is Almost a Total Bust
We arrived a little late for the Krampus party, but that's what you do in NYC, isn't it? We got to the location, I pinned in my horns, and saw a large room with a small crowd of people up front. Probably no more than 20 people, though there was a concert upstairs (separate event). We felt really underwhelmed about the whole ordeal (my lackluster attempt at curling my hair didn't work, which underwhelmed me even more), but then saw a familiar face at the bar.

Well... we saw the back of someone's head, and instantly recognized him.

Voltaire. No fucking way.

I always hope to run into him (or his ex Jayme, who I was just texting earlier in the night). But I never actually expect I would. Now I can knock "see Voltaire in his home town" off my bucket list. We had some awkward chat. We had some real-talk outside. In the middle, we took pictures, and introduced him to Sam and Chuck. Chuck was embarrassingly star-struck and interrupted Voltaire mid-sentence to loudly "whisper" to Sam that she should take pictures of them having a casual conversation like they're old friends. "You know he can hear you, right?" I felt really embarrassed of Chuck. Tip of that iceberg.

I lamented the smallness of this party and asked Voltaire if he was going to the Nightmare Before XXX-Mas party, which I heard about from Jet (who he was surprised to know was also from Rochester), and he said he'd go eventually. I feel like I brought him an annoyance in Chuck and he disappeared without saying goodbye, which made me a little sad, but I'm okay about it.

In Which I Am Briefly The Life of the Party
The Nightmare Before XXX-Mas party was held at Stimulate on Avenue A (I was a little saddened to find it on A, as I always thought it was on Delancey - a little too near a statistically dangerous area, which swayed me away from going to the Voltaire/Bella Morte show a couple months back). I felt a little woozy from too many cigarettes on the way over, so we went to the Spotted Owl (also on Ave A) where one of Sam's friends works. For a small bar, the place was packed. The speakers blared 90s music, and everyone treated it like a well-lit dance club and Karaoke bar.

Sam's friend had a large catering tin of home-made mac & cheese, which she shoveled into my mouth a few times before she handed it to me and went outside with Sam. I followed behind, but found myself suddenly extremely popular with everyone because I had a tray of mac & cheese, and I proceeded to fork it into the gaping mouths of anyone who wanted any. My horns came off and were passed from head to head. Two bartenders and a bald man in a red onesie danced around with them on.

In Which We Weren't Stimulated. Then Were.
Chuck desperately wanted to get out of there and head to Stimulate. He wouldn't shut up about it. So we walked a few blocks over. Passed a club called Pyramid which was having a 20-year anniversary 80s party. We put a pin in that and kept going. Found Stimulate, and I went inside while Sam and Chuck smoked (since that's why I felt sick, I decided to stop smoking for the night). I paid. I walked in. I walked out. I didn't go back in.

This party had fewer folks than the Krampus party. No side rooms. No sign of Voltaire. Shitty music. $13 bucks down the drain.

We backtracked to Pyramid and found home. Sam and I danced. We got up on the stage and wrote in the request book. We had so much fun. We laughed and danced with each other and other people. We even found a basement level that played gothic industrial music. Like the old Vertex back home, and Piranha. I miss that place. We had so much fun. Until...

In Which The Night Is Ruined
Chuck got way too drunk. He got really rowdy and overly aggressive. Sam gave him a Xanax but it didn't help matters. We hoped it would make him pass out. It just turned him into even more of an asshole, except he stopped being able to produce whole words and sentences. His hair was a huge attraction to the locals, though, so people ignored the aggression and wanted to take pictures with him and hang around him. But Sam and I were very pissed off.

I had to get between him and a couple of people he kept grabbing. Not inappropriate grabbing (except once, but he was so gone, that was just unintentional). He latched onto people with the iron grip of a raptor. It hurt. He hurt us. At one point, he ripped off my horns, which were goddamn attached to my hair with pins, so he got a few chunks of hair, too. He'd dive-bomb between me and Sam, or either of us and whoever else we were dancing with.

We hated him then, but attempted to have a good time in spite of him. When the lights came on at 4am, we bonded with some cool folks outside while Chuck grabbed at people, presumably trying not to fall down, while Sam got a pizza from next door to bring back to the apartment. In the uber, Sam and I stayed silent. Chuck started rambling about women and shaved pussies and having kids. He was making words and sentences again (sort of), but still making no sense. I imagine this is what it's like when Brian is at his worst point in his schizophrenia. Chuck hugged me as if somewhere deep down, he knew he'd ruined the evening. Then he took a mostly-empty pack of cigarettes, held it in front of my face, and crushed it, then dropped it on the pizza box. What the fuck.

At the apartment, Sam sent me and the pizza directly to the bedroom and we locked the door behind us. She Facetime'd our friend Troy. We ate pizza and chatted with him, while occasionally going out to the living room to yell at Chuck. His apartment indiscretions included busting into a box of cereal and getting it all over the floor and couch, busting into my English muffins like a goddamn rat and destroyed them (while only actually eating one out of the 6), polishing off Sam's friend's sherry, knocking bottles over while trying to polish off other bottles (we cut him off and moved the bottles into the bedroom), blasting music and dancing through the apartment, loudly mumbling to himself, and telling Alexa (the Amazon bot thing) to fuck off. At 6:30am, Sam took Phone-Troy to the bathroom where she had a bath, and I finally went to sleep.

In Which a Wild Troy Appears Just in Time for Me to Leave
In the morning, I heard Sam's phone buzzing, and I knew it was Troy, so I texted him. He just touched down at the airport. He actually flew down here. Saturday morning, he left a note with his roommates that he was going on an impromptu adventure and tried driving down, but had car trouble just before the halfway mark and had to turn back. He forgot to tell his roommates he decided to fly down, so (after we packed up my bags to get me back to Penn Station, and abandoning Chuck at the apartment for the day), I took a picture of him and Sam in the uber and sent it to Brendan, prompting an immediate phone call in disbelief.

Before getting me to Penn Station, we stopped off at Obscura and shopped around. Also walked down to The Bean, a coffee place I know Voltaire always goes to (I knew he wouldn't be there - way too early for him). Good coffee. Strong.

By the end of my time there, I wished I could stay longer. I might go back down for a day-trip by myself.

In Which We Took Pictures

The company, the matching boots in Business Class, and the view from the apartment in beautiful East Harlem.

Some sight-seeing

Bryant Park

Ball-playing at the tree and fountain

Voltaire, my darling

People wearing my horns
(that young boy went home with them, because I thought they matched his jacket too perfectly).

Proof of Troy

End of Year To-Do List (pre-holiday)

Post-event disaster is still taking over my home, and it's stressing me out to the point where I can't concentrate on any of the things I need to do this week. This didn't used to be me.

For my own sanity, I need to detail the shit out of this list of things I need to do, in no particular order.

Eat (my stomach's been fiercely angry with me all morning).
Print out and read the first 3 chapters of Meagan's book.
Record Daughter of Pan lines.
Prep and send Meme Gang cards.
Prep and send Marty's care package.
Download Todd & the Book of Pure Evil movie.
Palate painting commission (x3).
Gather gifts for specific circles.
Cookie party.
Meal plan for wrecked-diet recovery.

And go to NYC with Sam + Chuck.

NYC Trip Packings & Prep:
+Downtime clothes
  • Lounge pants
  • Tshirt
  • Dark jeans
  • Wireless bra

+Saturday afternoon clothes
  • Black pants
  • Buckle kicks
  • Tshirt
  • Sweater
  • Regular bra

+Krampus party clothes
  • Horns
  • Nose ring
  • Tights
  • Boot socks
  • Fur kicks (or buckle)
  • Dress
  • Sweater/shrug

+Other crap</b>
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Hoodie
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss stick
  • Hair pins
  • Brush
  • Makeup
  • Pain pills
  • Headphones
  • Phone
  • Charger
  • Adderall
  • Flask

  • Get tickets from Sam
  • Load phone with an audio book
  • Shave
  • Do nails
  • Stitch coat
  • Prep purse
  • Prep makeup bag
      -don't forget brow box and sealer


Booth The First (this past Saturday) went well. I made over a hundred, and the last thing I sold was one of the top hats I decorated, which covered my booth fee. I thought they'd sell out early, but it must not be the exact right crowd - last time I had top hats to sell, they covered my (much more expensive) booth fee in a day. I also sold all the new items I made that I actually cared about (and got half the supplies to make more, but forgot the other half, and I think it's too late now). I'm really pretty happy that I made holiday cards and brought them to sell. It was my debut selling anything as an artist, and they did much better than I thought they would.

Booth the Second (the one jerkin' me around up til a week ago) is this Sunday. All last week, I stressed about needing to make new material for Saturday, and then when I only had about 8 new items made, I brought all the old stock out to pack up and realized I have PLENTY. I have SO MUCH merch that even after selling a hundred bucks worth of stuff, I don't actually need to make any new things for the booth (much smaller table) on Sunday. I will, though. I'm planning on making just a few new specialty items.

As for Booth the Third, I'm prepping art prints for just in case I get into Tora-Con (Artists Alley registration just closed, so I'll find out soon). And if I don't get in, I'll have art prints to sell online. I've got to get some holiday cards up for sale this weekend.

NYC trip is next Friday (through Sunday). I'm going with Sam and Chuck, and it's gonna be weird, mostly because I've never spent a long period of time in NYC or with Chuck. The plan is to hit the ground running. Pack Thursday, go straight from work to the train station on Friday. I haven't ridden a train since I was 3. Our 3 seats are separated into 1-seat, 2-seat sections, so depending on how much I want to loner-chill with headphones on, we're still deciding on who gets the lone seat (either me or Chuck, cuz I really don't want it to be Sam, stranding me next to Chuck with him talking my ear off). Pre-trip prep involves trying to save up some spending cash (hard with xmess and booth prep), and dying my roots. Oh shit, and I've gotta find a suitable outfit for the Krampus party. Wearing the demon horns from Halloween for sure. Maybe my furry kicks? Crap.

My friend Niki wants to go down before year's end, but she can't do it next weekend. We would have skated at Rockefeller together. In retrospect, I don't know if I'd have room for my skates, so maybe I'll be able to go back down, if she's able to hit it on a weekend (though holiday prices are gonna be wrecked).

Friday: Print some stuff for people. Maybe finally go to the gym (the shitty weather makes it so hard to stay motivated). Shop for craft supplies and a specific gift for a friend. Do some housework (and/or play Little Nightmares). Go to a Card Party at Kathy's (she bought 4 of my cards on Saturday), where we hang out, drink wine, and make out our holiday cards to people, and maybe share blank cards.

Saturday: Clean. Get my hair dyed by Sam. Maybe make it to a Tuba recital.

Sunday: Go to the Public Market with Debbie. Pack up and sell my wares at Lovin' Cup's craft show. Go to Debbie's birthday party. Crash.

After: I'm going to be finishing up some commissions by year's end (hopefully before I go to NYC, so next week is gonna be packed). My former co-worker Bill commissioned 3 paintings, just like the ones I'd done late last year, at $75 a pop! Then I've got an audio drama to record (hopefully a chunk by this week's end). I have one line in the first chapter, about a hundred in the second, and about 5 or so in the last chapter. And during downtime, press a few dozen buttons and prep some packages to ship out. It's gonna be a busy week.

I started this post Yesterday. I fully expected to dive into some depression talk in this paragraph, but as it's now the next morning, and I'm wearing a dress I really like, and I've spent half my wake-up time in bed in front of my Happy Light, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm pretty sure most of my sadness is weather related. And I know my sadness is partially coming from Depression Brain convincing me of holiday premonitions that aren't likely. But the Happy Light really helps, at least at the top of the morning.

(edit: No, I remember. I had a mini breakdown yesterday morning before work, because of politics and the state of the country. I admitted I am on the brim of being suicidal because of it, and as hard as it is for a poor, white-ish woman, I can't imagine what it's like for people who aren't white-passing and aren't in a blue state. It turned my stomach being reminded of this).

I'm a Smart Guy

This is just a quick venting post about work.

Guy calls and wants to pay his daughter's tuition bill (today is the final extended deadline), but first he needs to set up the account.
Guy bitches that I can't send the setup letter to his personal email, and tells me his daughter is a minor and I should just do it.

I explained that she's not a minor (she's 18) and that this needs to go to one of the emails on file, and he's just going to have to text her to have her forward it to him.

He says she's in high school, not college, she is in class all day. I said she can do it between classes. He thinks there are no 'between classes' in high school.

I wanted to say, "well, next time, I guess you should make sure your email address is in the Parent/Guardian email slot instead of your daughter's, so you actually get the bill the first time." I wanted to say, "I think you're confusing high school with kindergarten. There are indeed 'between classes', and you're a fool if you think a teenage girl isn't going to check her phone between classes, if not during classes."

The guy calls back and is having a bitch of a time with this simple process, so I had to walk him through it.

Soon, he points out, "I'm a district attorney, so I'm a smart guy, not some dummy."

I wanted to say, "dummy, I just taught you to scroll up on a website. And you just asked me if you should click the link that says Pay Bill." In fact, he asked me to verify that he needed to do LITERALLY EVERYTHING, even after I directed him to do it ("click on the Students tab." "Oh, there's where it says Students, so I click on that?").

All the while he's bitching that this shouldn't be so difficult. You're about to put your credit card information in there. Be glad it's this 'difficult'.