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Posting at the radio station!

Station scores:

The Crow
Orgy of the Dead
Marie Antoinette
Cirque du Soleil - Ka

Seireenia (female voices of Projekt Records)

Squirrel Nut Zippers
-Bedlam Ballroom

No reviews in the near future.

Oh yes, and from the bookstore, I scored the latest ImagineFX, and exchanged my pocket Russian dictionary for Interview With The Vampire (the film). It was a choice between this and Snatch. I wanted Fight Club (I only have the tape), but they just sold out of it. And it's just a coincidence that all the movies I wanted today star Brad Pitt. I also had The Cell, RHPS, and the complete box set of Ace Ventura (including the cartoon series) which I only had in there because it was ten bucks and I liked the second movie.

And today, I discovered that Squarepusher's little brother Ceephax is way cooler than Squarepusher.