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Hook all angsty like...

Aside from the picture of Tinker Bell kissing Hook, I've never actually posted a picture of Captain Hook to imjh, but I have now. It's just a simple b&w sketch I did in photoshop, but it's still the most successful character design of Hook I've done yet (I do have other sketches, but they are for the comic, not char. designs).
Anyway, go to the journal I mentioned above to check it out.

If you're new to my journal, imjh is my current comic book project called I Married James Hook, and unfortunately, due to certain people swiping my images without consult, I've had to make it a friends only journal, but you can add it, and I'll add you back the same day (or the next day, just leave a comment over there), and then you can see the images and whatnot.