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Ten good things.

1. I remembered Jon's last name while studying German.
2. I slept, for the first time in months, almost all night, and woke at a reasonable hour, well-rested, and while sleeping, had a dream about Voltaire, which caused a pleasant mood.
3. Finished my Health Care homework (filling in notes to study for the test), then found out I had a project due today that I haven't started.
4. Went into class on time to take my first Law In Health Care test. The teacher saw all the nervous/confused faces in the room, and decided to make it a take-home test.
5. Finished 2 paintings.
6. Finished the rough sketch for page 2 of I Married James Hook.
7. Found a great JLPT study guide and am trying to read through the Yon-kyuu sheets in sheer terror of possibly having to take it someday (I won't even THINK of the terror of taking the San-kyuu and Ni-kyuu).
8. Found the Japanese Super Mario Bros. cartoon on YouTube, and can actually understand most of what I've seen so far, which is reassuring that my studies are paying off.
9. It's getting nice out!
10. I feel energized.

6b. Upon entering the bookstore with intent to sketch up page 3, I realized that I forgot the script at home and didn't do a thing to the page except draw a couple panel outlines, and erase them.

10b. Almost immediately after posting this, I crashed, dreamed of Spencer as a youth, pogs, and stairwells, and had a hard time waking up.


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Mar. 31st, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
best of luck...all LAW classes stink, espcially since all you're studying may very well be changed before you graduate, and certainly be different by you 10 yr reunion

maybe another country would be different ...doubt it...
Apr. 1st, 2008 03:20 am (UTC)
I should graduate after next term (but I'm thinking of switching schools to majour in Japanese before that happens).
I wouldn't really use any knowledge of law I'd gather from this class anyway. Of course, documenting and confidentiality are important in the whole medical field, I don't want to be the one to handle all the paperwork. I'm more a hands-on, clinical kinda gal.
But some parts of the law is good to know... even if it changes tomorrow.
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