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Non-reviews and previews x 10

1. Rented Vidocq. Bloody brilliant film with amazing effects and a fantastic storyline, and I did not see that twist. Really. I thought I had it all figured out, and then BAM something completely off the wall. The only bad part was that it was widescreen but cropped to the tv screen, so the edges were cut off. No way to fix that. Also, the special features (except the trailer) were in French sans subtitles, and I barely understood it. I really want to see the FX documentary with subtitles. Still quite capital none the less.

2. Rented The Orphanage. Didn't see that one coming, either, but it all fell together in the end. I did predict a lot of parts, including the boons in the end. I loved the references to Wendy from Peter Pan. Haven't gotten to the special features yet.

3. FINALLY finished reading Coin Locker Babies, by Ryu Murakami. It was nearly 400 pages with size 10 font and minuscule leading, and got rather boring in parts just before the most exciting parts happen, so you get a good running start, then slow down, and then get a second wind a few times. It ended rather abruptly, though. I would have liked some kind of follow up on the lives of the two main characters after they'd finished their stories.

4. Started reading Snuff, by Chuck Palahniuk. I think he started a new trend in his books, beginning with Rant, where the story is told by a number of characters, rather than one of them, or a narrator. I'm only three chapters in, so I have nothing else to say yet.

5. Bought Steampunk today. Haven't opened it yet though.

6. Thinking of getting Irvine Welsh's latest book Crime, which comes out in August, but it's a continuation, or a spin-off, of Filth, which I rather disliked.

7. Who gave out my email address? My fawndolyn yahoo account? Because I just got HORDED with spam, and not the strangely tasty or arousing kind, either. For reals, people. My fawndolyn account was untainted for years, and now my bulk mail box is filling up with crap. Nuts to whoever did it. Nuts, I say!

8. It is so very warm. I love it!

9. Ruby Tuesdays is a mistake. Their food (except the asian dumplings) were unsatisfying. And RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. Kelly and I only went because Olive Garden next door was packed and the queue was spilling out the door all over the parking lot...

10. ...which turns out to be the exact reason why Summer, my best friend from middle school and parts of high school went to Ruby Tuesdays, too. We were so excited to see each other that we wouldn't let each other go when we hugged. I can't believe I saw her! It's been 8 years! Last time I saw her, her daughter was still in a baby stroller. She's grown into an adorable little girl, and Summer got SO THIN (not grossly unhealthy thin, but she used to be my weight). I felt bad because I kinda left Kelly in the dust (she's never really been friends with any of my friends). But we exchanged numbers and I'm SO going to call her :)


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Jun. 1st, 2008 06:13 am (UTC)
i am surprised by how much i dislike 'filth' now. welsh at his shock-jockey-est? or something. why did you dislike it?
Jun. 1st, 2008 06:11 pm (UTC)
I think it was more or less just that. And it bored me to no end. I couldn't even finish it.
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