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Halloween plans

Heck, I forgot how interesting you people are. How've you all been? Tell me everything. You don't have to start at the beginning. I won't judge you.

Plans for this weekend: Stay up all night putting together a Halloween costume for tomorrow and Friday night, 8am class, sleep during 8am class, sleep during the 2 hour break between classes, forget to study for a German vocabulary quiz, last-second studying, sweat through a quiz in German class, sleep til Boyfriend comes to get me, continue on costume (and probably Boyfriend's too), get in costume and go to Pearl's Monster Mash-up to see Dieselboy and Boyfriend spin, drink like freaking crazy, go to school with a huge hangover in another costume (Velma, from Scooby Doo- costume already ready), paint my face with tribal markings, take a picture, wash it off, nap during the 3 hour break before my next class, remember that I have a meeting AND a costume contest to go to at noon, try to win costume contest, go to piano lesson, nap til Boyfriend comes to get me, call someone that can tell me when Vertex opens (actually, I may do that now), change into my first costume, go trick-or-treating, go to Vertex, drink, another costume contest, dance, garbage plate!, home, liver recovery time.

In other news, Hilary Clinton was at school today. I wasn't going to go to the event, but Boyfriend wanted to, so we did. I tried to get pictures, but by the time I found the best setting for my camera, not only did it die, but the event was just about over, so I only got some blurry shots.