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Slight IMJH Update

I was sitting in Physics class today, idly watching Galileo Battles For The Heavens, and sketching in my sketchbook... and I came up with a rather successful thumbnail sketch for a page for imjh (no scan or anything there, I'm just linking).

And even though the best part was one panel, I felt accomplished and inspired. It's rockin' to feel this way.

Today, I read some blogs I have in my bookmarks. These are special blogs I don't like to regularly watch (by adding to my friends list, you know) because they are so much better to read all at once. Each entry is brilliant, whole-hearted, and almost completely overwhelming. Catching up is a positive overdose, and heavy inspiration for me. Not to write or draw in full-spirit, but to be in full-spirit.

It's utterly exhilarating. And today, I think I found out who I imagine my character Valentine to resemble. It was quite a happy coincidence.

Also, I had a really good day today, starting with a brilliant episode of FreakAngels and a bowl of cinnamon flavoured Honey Combs.

Also, today is Charles's birthday. He's 39!!! I'm robbin' the grave!