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Feb. 6th, 2009

Charles and I had an argument yesterday about String Theory, but it was short-lived because neither of us know too much about it to begin with ;) All I know is that it is brilliant and crap all at the same time.

My Physics class is simple, yet boring. We have finished with Chapter 1 (about Galileo and the Earth/Sun center of the world debates) and now we are in Chapter 2, Particle Physics (atoms, colliders, and the sort). I am getting very sick of my prof not being able to answer any of my (and some other students') quesions.

Physics Lab is finally getting interesting, although, I will probably never quite grasp motion graphs (velocity and acceleration). I was almost about ready to give up on it and just take a different lab (human dissection) next semester (which I will probably do anyway). Our lab experiment for next week is called Electric Currents I. I am excited :)

Unrelated I:
I gave blood again today. I scored a gallon pin, since I've been donating twice a year since I was a junior in high school (with a couple break between then and now due to new tattoos), so I must have hit a gallon mark somewhere in my generosity. I also felt rather sick after. Probably too much juice (they had delicious Capri Sun fruit punch juice. Yum!) and fig cookies. Charles took me out to eat afterward (but he may have just done that because he felt bad for an argument we had the day before). And then we came home to nap. He slept for a half-hour, I slept for... 6 hours >_<

Unrelated II:
I started playing PMOG again, and have found lots of ups and downs. On the upside, there are a tonne of new perks- including (a 10% chance of) being able to dodge mines, set up watchdogs to protect from mines, and finding more ways to collect DP. The downside... People are able to get and lay hundreds of mines at a time by cheating somehow, and that's no fun. I've found my profile page to be completely covered in mines from a player called innerlight and it's pissing me off. He also riddled me with St. Nicks, which temporarily prevent me from laying mines on him or anyone else. Plus there's a limit on how many St. Nicks one can have attached to one's self, and most of the serial bombers already are maxed out (which I think is only like 5 or so). Gah. I hate every time I go to my profile, I get hit with a bomb. Also, every time I open a new tab and go back to my profile tab, I get the same thing. I am going through so much armor!