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Yesterday started with an annoyance. I usually go in to school with Charles so I can abuse the double-sided colour printer, so I can print some comic books and whatnot... but there was another guy in there today... idiot! He's been there for three years and doesn't know that you're not supposed to hand-feed the printer to print 2-sided (the computer will tell it to do that if you set it up). Moron >:( Plus, he kept jamming the printer, which I kept unjamming, so he could jam it up again! He almost took a freaking blade to it, and I yelled at him. Fucking imbecile!

Enough about that, I eventually went into the next room (which I thought was locked) to print.

Next, I hung out at home for a little bit. Cleaned a tad, surfed the net. Charles went to a Maya workshop, mostly because he needs to prove his worth in his 3D Animation class.

Then when he came home, we realized that we had not missed the Silent Auction rehearsal party, so we went to that. One of my best mates Brendan is the drummer :) I got to see Erica and Troy, and some other familiar faces whose names I can't remember, and of course Terri and Jason (the two leads).

Then we left early to meet up with Charles's brother Jeff, to go see Let The Right One In, because he didn't get to see it the first time, and I invited Tiffani, because I knew she wanted to see it, too. On the way to the theater, I got a call from Mister Creazil, inviting me to a last minute party at her place starting at 8, to which I said I'd probably stop by, but had other plans (I didn't end up going :( But I will next time!) So the four of us watched, then hung out afterwards... we went to Jeramiah's for food and drinks and chatted for a few hours :)

Then I threatened Jeff for losing my copy of Neverwhere, and we all said our goodbyes and we went to bed.