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I am still not convinced my sketchbook is totally gone forever.

But at least I've stopped being so sad over it. I had a really good day yesterday (after crying myself to sleep the night before... and before :( yes, I got that bad).

First, I finished Warren Ellis's novel, Crooked Little Vein. This is the first recreational (not-for-class) novel I've finished in a LOOONG time (the other books I've finished this semester- for class- are: Frankenstein, Starship Troopers, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and am on my way to finishing Neuromancer).
Crooked Little Vein was fantastic! The story goes, Warren Ellis was getting hounded by his publisher because she wanted a novel. So after a long time of this, he finally sat down and wrote the manuscript, thinking "This will make her go away." But then she retorted by selling it in two days.

Second, I had a nice time with my friends at school while being stuck there all day.

Third, I had a successful craft night at my friend Tiffani's house (with her and Aliza :) I made hats! And I sold her one for the friend-in-the-room discount of two bucks ;)

And now I have to run off to French class!

Oh, and I totally nailed my French test on Tuesday :)