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By Friday

I sat down and wrote a list of things I need to accomplish by Friday's end. I have a week off, and I intend to DO things.

  • Make more hats
  • photoshop and print
  • make some head dresses
  • make resin pendants
  • Press Voltaire's Buttons (hehehe)
  • draw and paint
  • organize portfolio
  • sew shirt
  • make display devices
  • finalize and upload French mix
  • update website
  • etsy shop
  • business cards
  • distribute bunnies
  • mail people
  • give photos to Dreamland Faces
  • Read Cory Doctorow
  • Read Sharp Teeth
  • Read some new comics
  • study (and do homework)
  • clean! (living room, sewing corner, LAUNDRY)

    And things to do by Wednesday:
  • wash frost tips and bags
  • bake cupcakes
  • make more frosting
  • defrost last week's frosting
  • don't forget to go to cake decorating class

Not to mention, more craft-nights/days, the Skin and Steel (tattoo and motorcycle) convention TOMORROW, and possibly head out to the lab to print more shit at some point. Oh, and abuse the slicer at Kinkos.