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The List. As of the due date.

I'm still not prepared enough to call it a day. I'd say another 3 or so hours. Unless I'm feeling bold and I somehow manage to get my bike through the mess in the flat, so I can run down to kinkos... but I'd rather just wait for Boyfriend to get home so he can give me a ride.'
Can I sleep yet?

  • Make more hats (just 2 more to go and some finishing touches on the rest) edit: I just bought ten more blanks to decorate :|
  • photoshop and print (as far as business cards and a few sketches I had on disk somewhere- not what I was planning, but okay for now)
  • make some head dresses They're so pretty, and I don't want to give them up!
  • make resin pendants (first batch was crap. Second okay. Not sure if I'll bother selling 'em.)
  • Press Voltaire's Buttons
  • draw and paint
  • make display devices (I just used my mannequin heads)
  • finalize and upload French mix (will link soon)
  • update website (about to upload the new site right now)
  • etsy shop
  • business cards
  • distribute bunnies
  • mail people
  • give photos to Dreamland Faces
  • Read Cory Doctorow
  • Read Sharp Teeth
  • Read some new comics
  • study (and do homework)
  • clean! (living room, sewing corner, LAUNDRY)