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Tora-Con recap

First, I must say that Aliza Jayne is amazing! She made my dress, her dress, and Tiffani's skirt. We all looked adorable together :)

I sold things like a fiend! I made about a 40% profit :) I got to make a few custom hats on the spot, and even dealt with some stiff competition. I didn't sell nearly as many buttons as I'd hoped, but I sold enough. I tried to sell that small skull mask (the little fractured one, not Deathe Ledger). Hundreds of people picked it up, but then carefully put it down when I said "$30."

There were SO many awesome costumes, including a very nicely done Pyramid Head, and an AMAZING Faust (from Guilty Gear- one of my favourite fighting games). Faust was my favourite, and oooooh, the man under the paper bag was CUTE! I couldn't tell if I was blushing from being stuck in line with him for a half hour or because it was 80 degrees (F) out at 9am. But he had a cute Wa Lolita girlfriend. And oh yeah. I have a cute boyfriend, too :p

I had two head-dresses. One was already made and on display, the other was still in the works. I didn't think it would sell as fast as it did (I made about ten sales in 3 seconds during the first rush) so I had to really crack down and finish the other one, which didn't sell at all :(

I sold a couple hats for $20 but then brought them down to $15. I also haggled the prices, and sometimes they worked in my favor (like, the price went UP!). I had one crown which sold for 15, buttons, random cogs, and resin shapes with cogs inside that I didn't end up turning into pendants that sold for a dollar, And many lace wrist cuffs that sold out (except one pair) for 5.

I had a happy day :)

I didn't really wander, except to go to the bathroom and get a snack, but when I found out that GhostFire was there, I HAD to go get a print from them (I was eying this print for a couple of years, so I bought a small version of it :)

Then we all went out for ice cream! And now I can finally relax a little bit. Do the homework I was supposed to do during the week (that is, Read that Cory Doctorow book, do Japanese homework, and watch a Japanese movie and turn in a report on it with 50 words I recognize - the last two assignments I can do Monday between and after classes).

Pictures soon. I'm going to wear this outfit for the Voltaire show tomorrow!


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Apr. 26th, 2009 06:24 am (UTC)
Oh my!
I was the sweet lolita who stopped by your booth twice! I was wearing the pink metamorphose jsk with the swans on it. I love the buttons! I wish I brought more money with me! :< That skull mask was AMAZING. I wanted to buy it to put on my wall. And some of the hats and roses. <3
Apr. 26th, 2009 06:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!
I do remember you. I LOVE Meta, but they don't carry any in my size. The skull and some of the hats will be up on my etsy shop tomorrow or Tuesday (I have so much homework to catch up on today >_<
I shall promptly add you to my flist :)
Apr. 26th, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
I love meta too! That was actually my first meta dress. Its so well made, and I got it for a bargain too!

You have an etsy! Yay! I loved your shop, and I was so disappointed I discovered the artist alley too late!
Apr. 26th, 2009 08:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah, we were kind of in an inconvenient place, I think. (I mean the whole alley, not just my booth) because it was so detached from the rest of the con. I heard lots of people saying they wished they'd found the alley sooner. I also was a little miffed that there was another lolita booth right there at the registration entrance. Unfair!
Apr. 26th, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
The other lolita booth wasn't really even lolita. Just stereotypical cosplay lolita, IMO. Cheap lace headdresses, and cat ears (that were SOLD OUT by the time I got there. *shivers*) I bought some bows for hair there, but that was it. I regret it now, though. I wish I had money for accesories from your both. D: So pretty, I loved the skull mask!

The artist alley wasn't really incontinent. More people would have gone, if they had a sign outside the door that pointed to it, saying ARTIST ALLEY HERE, or something like that. It was nice and cool in the artist alley. Which was more I could say for the dealers room. >>
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