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Tonight is Voltaire's last show on his Skeletal Orchestra Tour!!! I'm going to be there with bows on! Also, Brendan's band Silent Auction is opening for them! That means instant backstage access :D

Charles and I will be bringing Meagan and maybe Jeff with us. And with some of the money I made, I can buy lots of Gay Pirates and maybe even a bigger drink in case V does the Ex-Lover's Lovers drinking game ;) And as always, Charles and I will be the only people dancing at the show. Like Voltaire says, it's our thing.

Yiii! I'm so excited!

I haven't seen Voltaire's full band since... well, technically, since the video shoot, but since they only played one song over and over in pieces, I won't count that, so the last time really was the first time I saw Voltaire live, back in 2005 at Dracula's Ball.