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About the (most recent) Deady Bootleg

Dearly departed, do you remember sometime last week when I posted this?

That's Too Fast's tshirt depicting Voltaire's artwork against his wishes.

Well, the pitchforks and torches of Voltaire's fandom had ceased them peddling this and the two products with this image were taken down, but now they are back up again, and I assume that things are square between them and Voltaire (I should hope so, anyway, because Voltaire is the MC for an event they help sponsor).

Both products have this blurb in their descriptions:

"This item is being sold with Voltaire's permission and Voltaire is being compensated for the use of his design. It is being sold at a reduced price at his request. We apologize for the earlier copyright infringement. Sadly, we were fooled by an "artist" who sold us this design claiming it to be their own original artwork. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience we have caused Voltaire, Deady and his fans through this unfortunate misunderstanding."

Funny they wouldn't know Voltaire's most popular character, what with them sponsoring Catwalk Tragedy and it IS kind of their scene to be aware of such things, but I guess they're fashion-only oriented.
So I suppose it's now kosher to buy the design, if you want to.