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Stare into my FACE

I am interested in your lives! Unfortunately, I never have time to read my friends list. So you'll have to write me a letter to tell me what you've been up to lately. I'll also accept emails, but I might not be able to read it right away. I've been "afk" as they say on the net. I think it stands for "Arthur Fonzereli Knows", but I don't understand how I could be such a thing. So from now on, it shall mean "away from keyboard".

Anyway, my email address is fawndolyn (the symbol for "at") yahoo (a little dot) com

But I'd much prefer things in my mailbox that aren't bills or subscriptions to magazines I didn't order. I will especially accept money or cookies. But don't send bombs to:
Fawn LaRoche
392 Clay Rd. #22
Rochester, NY 14623
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Universe

See you, space cowboy.