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I just found this remarkable photographer's flickr page.

He has some beautiful sets, including a couple Alice in Wonderland ones.

Today I woke up still drunk from last night's moving party and can only remember a little bit of what happened (shockingly enough, one of the only things I fully remember is all the rules of the drinking game that took me down).

My friend Meagan moved from the lower apartment to the flat upstairs). I got there a little late, and missed the actual move, but I did clean the kitchen and mop the floors. So I earned my slice of pizza and drinks.

Until the moment Ben gave me a bite of something... I don't know what (tasted like a combination between a phyllo eclair and mexican burrito), I was doing fine. After, I realized I was terrifyingly drunk and needed to go home.

I sent Boyfriend like, 40 texts that could not be read (what I tried to send him was "come get me" "come now" "please come now" "help" and "I'm too drunk to stay here". Thankfully, a few of those messages got through MOSTLY comprehensible, including the one sent to his brother that said "tell charles he needs to get me please".

When I came home, I told Jeff that I love him like a brother. Love love love him. While he guided me to my bedroom and made sure I got ON the bed, instead of near it (I had missed the couch earlier, and the chair, and thankfully didn't knock much over while doing so). And I think Jeff wants to go to the next party with me. He likes getting wasted.

At 7.30pm, I have finally kicked the evil hangover. And am totally partied out for a while.