Smilin' Strange (diello) wrote,
Smilin' Strange

Pros and Cons of this morning's internet tendencies.

Pro: Rocky Horror remake is on hold! Let's just hope this is Mtv's way of saying "screw it. Nobody thinks it's a good idea!"

Pro: Joss Whedon is writing the next Astonishing X-Men motion comic series! The trailer is here.

Pro: "Good afternoon, you exploding sex buzzards of the twitternet." Someone has taken it upon themselves to create a website called Talk Like Warren Ellis which, when refreshed, will spew out a new quote based on his Twitter updates.

Pro: Warren Ellis's "Disney Buys Marvel FAQ": "No, I am not going to be writing Disney comics. Fairly fucking obviously."

(today's cons come from finally seeing the latest episode of True Blood last night)

Con: Evan Rachel Wood has destroyed my fantasy of a nice game of Vampire Yahtzee. She just couldn't convince me that she actually hated '3-zees'.

Con: (straight from Tara is still upset about Eggs. "I finally found a strong, beautiful good man who loves me".... oh, Tara, I hate to burst your bubble but, no. None of those things apply to Eggs, or anyone named Eggs, ever.

Con: I actually couldn't wait for the episode to be over. THAT was the second-to-last episode?

Pro: Tea cup humans!
Pro: Dance with me!

And lastly,
Pro: Eric decides to sit like this:
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