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Twitter Chronicles of NYC

It's been about ten years since I went to NYC, so I thought I'd chronicle my adventure on Twitter.

My Day in New York City (with commentary):

  • On my way to NYC!
    1:49 AM Sep 23rd from txt
    (the bus actually left at around 3am, and we had to go to Syracuse to pick up more students, but at 4:30am, we were on our way).

  • 8:00 and the cityscape is finally visible through the morning fog on the furthest reaches of the horizon!
    8:10 AM Sep 23rd from txt
    (we were in New Jersey when we saw a glimpse of the city. Just so you know, New Jersey is still a wasteland).

  • As always, Jersey is a wasteland. If it weren't for the amazing smoothy I just had, I'd have planted a pipe bomb in the toilet.
    8:50 AM Sep 23rd from txt
    (I also had a wrap, which was okay, except that the texture made it taste like I was eating escargot, which I didn't mind, but that texture mixed with actually eating an egg/cheese/bacon wrap, made me a little queasy).

  • Arrived at MoMA!
    9:42 AM Sep 23rd from txt
    (the bus dropped us off right near Museum of Modern Art).

  • Floor 2 of MoMA is filled with pure shit save for maybe 2 or 3 installations.
    10:48 AM Sep 23rd from txt
    (I was so pissed off that I actually paid money to see most of this shite. There were pieces that were literally just a pencil line drawn the center of the page. Some of the crap looked like the "artist" shoved a bunch of paint up their ass and then farted at the paper. I wish I could make a billion dollars from sneezing on a framed piece of paper. I'd even have a lolly pop so there'd be a little colour to it).
    one of said installations that wasn't all bad

    it's electrical tape surrounding pictures of eyes... I want to do this!

  • @fawndolyn Haven't been for a while, maybe you could tell me about the current exhibitions? 2700 miles away and jealous!
    from jamesschneider
    @jamesschneider my favourite exhibit was Freedom On The Fence, about the history of Polish posters... they were amazing!
    from fawndolyn

  • 3rd floor is amazing!
    10:56 AM Sep 23rd from txt

    and another favourite: the happy, feel-good prison exhibit:

  • Skipped the other floors and left MoMA in search of pain killers. Hit 4 gift shops and finally found one where I could get tablets and purel.
    12:51 PM Sep 23rd from txt
    (This text didn't actually send for some reason, so I'm adding it in anyway. It was important. I fell to the communists on Tuesday. I also got delicious dark chocolate to sate my angry ovaries).

  • Then hit starbucks. Their choco-banana vivanos suck!
    11:52 AM Sep 23rd from txt
    (and I also have to point out their disgusting bathroom. It REEKED! There was piss all over the floor, all over the seat! I had to hover. And... it was so bad, I couldn't take care of girl stuff which desperately needed taking care of. Anyway, 55th and 7th- AWFUL Starbucks all around).

  • Ran into Jeff and Jen, but still no sign of Voltaire or Wendy Carlos.
    2:31 PM Sep 23rd from txt
    (I so desperately wanted to turn a corner and run into Voltaire. Charles wanted to run into Wendy Carlos. Jen came down for a concert to which she'd gotten cheap yet amazing tickets on eBay. She took Jeff to the show the night before, and stayed with him. Jen's a hoot :) We hung out for a little bit before Jeff took her to the train station).

  • Signed in to Standby list with the boys for The Colbert Report. Now to kill an hour before i find out if they need us. We were first in line
    about 24 hours ago from txt
    (we got in line around 2:45 and got to sign in at 4. Our hour was spent walking over to Applejack Diner, where we saw Jackie Mason dining, and we had a really delicious burger, fries, and egg-cream soda for NYC pricing. I should point out that I don't really know who Jackie Mason is, so I wasn't as excited as Charles and Jeff).

  • Jeff and Charles just HAD to stop and make pretend in front of The Hit Factory where John Lennon recorded his last song or something.
    about 23 hours ago from txt
    (Dorks, hehehe. We took lots of pictures. None with my phone).

  • Standing outside the set of Stephen Colbert (in the waiting room with a ticket) ready to see the show live!
    about 22 hours ago from txt
    (we stood out there for about an hour waiting for the rehearsal to get over with. After that, we weren't allowed to have our mobiles out. The show was AMAZING! I caught a WRISTSTRONG band!!!! Jeff was constantly trying to get it off me ;) I'm going to give it to him for x-mess or something. Maybe I'll give it to him the next time I see him. Oh, also Michael Moore was interviewed. But Jeff Goldblum wasn't).

    (and the only shot I could sneak in of the studio)

  • Had to leave Colbert early but did leave with a wriststrong band! Jeff is SO jealous!
    about 19 hours ago from txt
    (Jeff REALLY wanted that bracelet. Yeah, sadly, we left early because we had to catch the bus back home. We were getting picked up right near the studio, though, and FUCK, we could have stayed because the bus went to the wrong location. Jeff joined us for our last few moments after the show let out).

    And that's where I ended the tweets. It was a long and sleepy trip back home. On the way up, I FINALLY finished part 1 of Lolita. Tried to start part 2 on the way down, but couldn't keep my eyes open. And THANK GOODNESS the ipod lasted the entire trip both ways because the bus had some high-pitched hydraulic sound going the whole time and also I was surrounded by annoying people.

    Also, I didn't realize how much I miss Jeff. He came over at least once a week and I loved his company. But he'll be back in October.

    Also, I'm a tool. Let's not forget I have my first scene in Carrie and will be a sentimental tool over a lot of things this week.

    Also, all these pictures (and more) are on my flickr in bigger and better sizes.

    Also, that is all.


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Sep. 25th, 2009 08:33 am (UTC)
OK, I had to google what Colbert Report is, but it sounds awesome!

And museums of modern art are ... strange. I've been to the SF one and to the one in Munich, and 99% of the works there I don't understand at all.
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