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I went to the annual Keeping Hope Strong benefit my friends Scott and Dusty run to raise funds for the Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong Hospital. Their adorable son Mason was a NICU baby with collapsed lungs and all sorts of further problems. So Scott and Dusty spent a lot of time in the waiting room with other parents with sick babies. This whole thing started with Scott's donation of a comfortable couch for the waiting room (because having a reason to be in the hospital... it is most times worse on the parents than it is on the kids).

This year, I was actually able to bid in the live auction. I bid on the last two items- a bunch of art store certificates and things, and a bunch of Home Depot tool-kit things. I really REALLY wanted the art lot, but my friend Janine kept outbidding me (though for charity reasons, I should have kept trying to outbid her so she'd pay more money for the charity ;). She won, and it came with a bottle of wine with my name on it... literally. The wine was called Fawn, and she felt bad since it was like taking away something destined to be mine. She gave me the wine.

But I won the Home Depot lot... about 30 dollars more than it was even worth >_< And I was glad (especially glad that I had the money in my account to cover it after spending about $40 on booze and a tshirt). Oh, and I got three tshirts- one is a nice black KHS shirt Scott had made for the event that fits me perfectly. And the other two I won in a raffle drawing- they are too-big standard white Golisano shirts that might go under the knife if I can figure out something cool to do with them.

After the benefit, Charles and I went to visit Jeff for his last night on the east coast :(
We shot out to Irondequoit to kidnap one of his best friends Jen and took her with us to his house. We had a lot of fun. I will miss Jeff a lot. I'm glad I got to see him before he left.
Also, he gave me a very special gift... that copy of Neverwhere I let him borrow over a year ago and thought he lost forever and ever! I gave him a big kiss for that!