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A Favor and Farewell

First the favor:
If you see me online (mainly on Facebook); and by that I mean, ANY activity: likes, comments, posts, updates, whatever; then please tell me to get offline. Because I'm busy and don't need the distractions. I mean busy.

Farewell #1:
I'm going offline for a little while. Not too long. Just long enough to get my apartment cleaned, do some commissions, prepare viewing parties (Daria, Twin Peaks/David Lynch...), submit work to various sundries, photograph my jewelry, and very importantly, redo my webpage (AGAIN)- this time, STARTING on the gallery, rather than ending with it. Hopefully, I'll be done with the webpage by June.

Farewell #2:
I bombed 2 of my 3 finals. But I have talked to the profs beforehand on and off for a couple weeks, so will hopefully understand.
My voice final... ugh. I wish never to speak of it again. I was doing so well during rehearsals, but then when the performance day came, I concentrated so much on NOT crying and NOT hyperventilating on stage that I shook uncontrollably, my voice cracked, and I forgot all the words. Had to start over 3 times. Nightmare!
Piano was okay. I practiced all morning and literally ten minutes before class started was when I broke the hopelessness wall and finally felt like I could do it. Too bad I choke every time the prof comes to look at my progress. She was very understanding. She also tripped me up with a test question- What's the relative major to A minor? I knew it was C major, but I got confused because all the other minor scales we practiced were in harmonic minor. Argh!
I already talked about my Writing final. I'm really excited to hear back from them (both my prof and the magazine).
And another project I completed just a few moments ago was the Cabbages & Kings literary journal, for which I was art director. It took me a little while between studies, homework, and classes, but it is done, and off for a final one-over by the editor.

And now the semester is over, and I can breathe.

See you, space cowboy.


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(Deleted comment)
May. 23rd, 2010 09:18 pm (UTC)
That's okay. I'm not too worried about either of them. But voice was just devastating. I think I get points for how much I've improved throughout the yea, thoughr. Plus I did really well in the practice rounds. But this is why I drink when I do karaoke.
Shoulda hit the bottle at 8am ;)
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