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Peaceful Protest

Yesterday, my sister, her friends and I made signs to protest hateful protesters. Leviticus-loving bible thumpers raided the sidewalk in front of the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS/Mormons) and shouted horrible obscenities and vulgar insults at them all day long. One friend, Molly, the ring-leader of our protest had been walking down the street with her son and son's friend wearing a mini skirt when they blared their insults directly at her, calling her a slut, asking where her wedding ring is, insulting her son for being bi-racial, and telling her she's going to hell and is dragging her kids with her.

These people are not even local. They came all the way up from Kentucky just to do this horrible protest against the good people of Palmyra (mormon or not. Funny thing, though, many people who actually live here are not Mormon- but it is the place to be if you want to see the history of the religion and catch the Hill Cumora show).

Now, I'm not really fond of any western religion, but my friends and I do believe people should have the choice to believe what they want without being harassed, and Mormons are not allowed to fight back or protest in their defense so we did it for them. It wasn't specifically for LDS but for all religions, races, and whatnots.

So we Rick-Rolled them for over 3 hours.

We stood beside the man with the most hate, blared our dollar-store stereo with "Never Gonna Give You Up" on repeat all afternoon and held up signs that said "God never gonna give you up" "God never gonna let you down" "God never gonna turn around and desert you". And a couple other signs that said "God never hates" and a scripture quote from the book of John that says something like, "if a man says he loves god but hates his brother then he is a liar!". My sign said "Black White Purple, We are all HUMAN (and in tiny letters 'except the purple guy')".

We were a big hit among the mormons and they frequently stopped to thank us and take our pictures. Some shopkeepers even brought us water and sodas.

At one point, we were joined by a guy holding his own sign. At first, he stood by me with his sign that read "Honk if you think we are stupid!" until someone asked if he was against us, or the loud-mouth. He didn't know we were battling each other, so he went and stood by the other guy, THEN people started beeping like crazy!

We stuck around, talking only to friendly faces, not talking to the barker on the bullhorn (we did laugh at him a lot, though- his contradicting rabble-rabble cracked us up) until he packed it in and headed to the pageant. We headed back to my parent's place and got ice cream and watched tv until the pageant was about over (we were told that's when the worst heckling would be going on, and sure enough, there was our pal with his whole family (the women staying silent and looking sad instead of hateful- probably would get beaten if they spoke). The only thing the kiddies knew how to say was "Sinners go to hell!" Once again, we refused to humor them by talking to them. Talked to more thankful mormons until they were all gone, and then we shot banter back and forth across the lot, they behind their gate with scary signs (one said "Ask me why you deserve hell!") and us behind our gate with our friendly signs.

Finally, we packed it in and went home for the night.

Check out pictures of the event here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/diello3