Smilin' Strange (diello) wrote,
Smilin' Strange

Hey look! I can finally use my Captain Hook icon!

Yes, that can only mean one thing- I've updated imjh (for new-folk, IMJH is my comic book project I keep promising and putting off, promising and putting off, promising and putting off... and it's a friends-only journal, so you'll have to comment to be added).

I had some time after work, so I did a quick scan and auto-level of my sketchbook full of thumbnails and put them up. The first ten or so pages are there. I'm halfway done sketching out the first issue. Then I will concentrate on the bigger picture, and hopefully find my style (there will be one flashback in issue one, which I am hoping will be in such a different style, you might think a different artist had done it. I plan on doing this for all the flashbacks for this project).

Anyway, check it out if you'd like.
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