Smilin' Strange (diello) wrote,
Smilin' Strange

While I'm Pouring on the Fucking Responsibilities...

October and November are usually my busiest months. November especially, since doing work for the musical.

So thanks to pelethetart, I'm considering a one-a-day (probably not starting one this month, but brainstorming), and am also revisiting my mission 101 list (I haven't updated it) and will be splitting some off into things I can do now.

1. Mail a PostSecret
2. Become an author
3. Write from 20 prompts (4/20)
4. Win NaNoWriMo
14. Find a decent bra
32. Keep up on pen-pals I already have
49. Read 3 French comic books (1/3)
52. Read 2 French books (0/2)
54. Read 50 books (7/50)
55. Make 5 new music mixes (2/5)
59. 2 tattoos (0/2)
60. Throw a party
61. Dress for the occasion
62. Spread a fabulous but vague rumor about myself
67. See the Nutcracker ballet
91. Go vegetarian

And to brainstorm for my one-a-day (or week or month):
87. Make bentos for Charles and myself once a month
90. Cook something new once a month
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