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Not much new in the world of Diello.

Afraid for my friend in Japan who I cannot get ahold of (we are penpals and I only have her snail-mail address in Kobe). Otherwise very saddened by the news. I even had a very VERY scary dream of getting hit by an even bigger tsunami (this is my biggest fear- seeing a wall of water in the distance and knowing I can't move fast enough to find some kind of safety). It made me physically ill.

Had a weekend of working, which was only to be interrupted by a dinner part and a brunch party the next day- neither of which were attended, sadly. Weekend of Working included laundry, some graphic design commissions, and working on my studio. And a Clean Pants Dance. All of which were completed. Incomplete things were FINISHING my studio, and starting projects for the steampunk swap.

I might dye my hair by next month. Not sure if I'll go nautral (dark brown) or wild (bright red or green). Probably natural. I am also considering cutting it.

Upcoming events include two conventions: local Tora-Con in April, and TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) in May. I am going to dress as Juan Santapau's Valerie (from the comic The Secret Knots) for both of the conventions (even though Juan isn't going to be at either). And maybe, if I can pull it off, I'll dress as Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim.

I've been getting more than my fair share of guff from a friend for being Canadian and other things. At some point, calling me 'Fawn Miller' and 'Frostback' stop being annoyingly funny and start being honestly annoying, and so I ball-flicked him today.

Adventure tomorrow with Brendan, if he remembers. Hopefully I'll be able to get a ride to wherever I need to meet him.

Oh, and I had my surgery consultation. They made me a gaff tooth to see what it would look like without widening the gap. It's the first time I saw myself with a full row of teeth in 6 years. I almost cried. Of course, they did widen the gap and made a gaff tooth for that size, too. I couldn't put the mirror down. On the 31st this month, I am going in for the first surgery- the bone graft.

I think that's all that's going on.

I keep forgetting to post photo project photos. I'll do that tomorrow, maybe.