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I just have work on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and a (5 minutes max) test to take on Wednesday afternoon, and I'll be totally done with the semester! I've already signed up and paid for my classes for the fall (I'll get to that in a minute). And I feel pretty good having some nice days ahead to relax, despite the looming dread I feel for my Russian History class (it just wouldn't stick! I'll be LUCKY if I can manage a D).

My school schedule looks something like this:

Mondays and Wednesdays:
8am: Two-Dimensional Design
2:30pm: Fine Arts Theory & Practice

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
10am: Comics and Sequential Art
12:30pm: Art History (Ancient)
2pm: Drawing 101

Fridays off! I have the same teacher for almost all my classes. We'll see how Sequential works out. I might drop it.

I may only have one day (4 lousy hours) to work over the summer, which will be a good incentive to get a new job. I love it at the ELC, but since I was pulled from the office and out to check equipment two out of the three nights I work, I've loved it less. My favourite part of working there was being able to help the students, and run into new problems and learning to fix them and all that. I mean, the students can be really cranky, but they always verbally appreciate the help. I loved that. And I never get to do it anymore :\

So, I'll also be working on pimping out my shop and website (maybe try to find people willing to buy my button service?) I gotta start bringing in more money. I barely make it week to week anymore; how am I going to last the summer? Argh.

Anyway, so yeah, art stuff for sale. I'm going to make some more box sculptures. Going to blog stuff, too. Real stuff. Work on the Homeless Saga some more. Paint something. Extend my studio into the attic (photography studio maybe?) And damnit, make hats!

And now if you'll excuse me, I've got some mad scientist cookies to make.