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Busy, busy, busy diello

Seems a month's gone by without so much as a hello from me, so here it is. Hello. I'm diello. And my summer has been packed so far.

Not really parties or anything, but a few fun little things here and there, as well as hardships. Some commission work, some biz projects, and other stuff. I have been hard at work when I'm not actually working for pay.

For some time, I've been switching between two main projects. The first one on my plate was what I called "100 Steampunk Pieces" so entitled because I made, give or take, a hundred pieces of jewelry and accessories for an event called Mourning Market, which is a goth and alternative flea market. I'll be sharing a booth with VexxWare, but I won't be there myself. I had a deadline to work toward for this which ended today. I've got the box full, I've got backings for all my jewelries, and I've almost completed a display piece. Then it will ship out (the deadline was a suggestion, and thank goodness I didn't find that out til the other day. Now I can relax and not fear for paying for that quick shipping- plus I can complete the package).

Between the jewelry, the backing designs, and making new business cards (and cutting EVERYTHING out by hand because I never got to Kinkos!), I've been relaxing with a bit of web design. Darling mooncalfe wanted a new site design. I was bored. I jumped on it :) I've been up to my ears in pictures, thumbnails, pngs, and css (which I am still learning). I've done as much as I can up to this point without the help of my web tutor and Ross himself (HINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The next piece of this site on my agenda is learning to make a blog, sans Wordpress, and a forum (we MUST, Ross. We must try a forum), which should actually be easier than learning how to make a blog. I really should eventually learn Wordpress and such things. Someday.

Parties included some birthdays, some festivals, and most recently, the Rochester Lolita Ruffle-butts get-together for Mini-golf and go-karts (I did not get there in time for go-karts). This was super fun, and I met a tonne of local Lolitas (including one local Lolita celebrity, Tempest Paige) and took SO MANY cool pictures, all of which you can see here (click on the image):

For ACTUAL VACATION-LIKE VACATIONS, I am now tanned. I got said tan from spending the weekend swimming and boating at Keuka Lake with my dearest friend Kevin. I haven't had that much fun since... who knows when! I adore Kevin and was so glad he invited me (we'd been trying several times to get together this summer, but his schedule never allowed it). We squeezed into the back of his mum's car with his friend Chris (Kevin got the bitch-seat). And we drove away. When we arrived, we immediately (after I met some of the people there) went out on the boat! I haven't been on a boat in 15 years! I was so excited :) Then it got even more exciting when I found out what that inflated thingie on the back of the boat was... a water chariot!!! Kevin had a go first. He and the host Dennis went over the signs: faster, slower, stop, circles, figure-8, and YOU'RE BORING ME! The way you ride the chariot is you lean your knees as far into the front crevice as you can, and hold onto the handles up top, looking much like a chariot from Greek/Roman days of old. And you have to remain upright through all the speed, the bumps, the twists, the turns, the ferocious waves made by the boat racing 30 feet ahead of you. I survived longer than I thought, and I'm told I got some serious air on some of those bumps before finally letting go of the handles and going under.
General swimming took up most of the rest of the day, and me being shy around most of the people around me (I only knew a few of them). After dark, we ate pie and ice cream- My first taste of pecan pie- so delicious! However, Kevin didn't like it so much. Oh it was delicious for him too, but then we discovered he was allergic, and he spent the rest of the trip unbearably miserable as he uncontrollably itched himself all over, the poor dear. We listened to some of the girls playing the accordion, violin, and ukulele, which was amazing. And then we set off fireworks. The big kind. The really big kind! The kind that you should have gone out in the middle of the lake to shoot off, instead of so close on the docks where we had to krank our necks to see the whole explosion before getting rained on with ashes and debris. So amazing.
Then bed. I set up the tent, and it was warm enough all night that it wasn't a problem that Kevin forgot his sleeping bag, and we slept on top of mine, after staying up a little while talking- I miss talking to him.
And the next day was more swimming with more itching from Kevin, and then home (we got a lift home from his sister). I said a sad goodbye, and went home. I miss him.

Not much else is happening. Oh, I may have a new job at school beginning in August. And I'm dealing with a small (hopefully will stay small, then be NONE) bed bug problem >_