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Yesterday's Events...

Summary: Comics, Coffee, Devil's Carnival, Emilie Autumn, and Ross.

Relaxed til the afternoon, put a lining down on my comic book shelves (this is more laborious than it sounds - my comic book bookcase was a dumpster find, and the previous owner decided it was a good idea to paint the lovely red wood with black latex house paint, which stuck to the bottom of every one of my books, so along with putting a lining down, I had to scrape off the paint that was stuck to the books), and then made plans to go out for coffee with friends. So at 4:30 PM, I met up with Katie and Amelia at Java's, and we had a nice chat about writing stories, watching tv, Emilie Autumn, and our respective mental disorders + medication experiences.
Around 7, Amelia and I split off from Katie, and we went to my place to eat popcorn and watch The Devil's Carnival! Same creators (and some same actors) as Repo! The Genetic Opera, plus Emilie Autumn!! 55 minutes later, we were all like, Damn, that was a short movie! And they wanted $60 for the first press DVD release??? Emilie's song was the best, by the way!
After Amelia left, I just chilled out with some comics for a little bit (finished lining the shelves, and read a couple), and then watched some TV.
About 1:30 AM, I decided to cure my boredom by texting Ross, who said he was wandering aimlessly around the city. I joined him for about five minutes, before we went back to my place to hang out. We ate the last of my fudge, and perused the various worlds of Alice: The Madness Returns (I started playing again).
Then Charles came home from seeing The Monkees with his brother in Buffalo, and we hung out a bit longer before bidding Ross adieu around 4 AM.
The end.