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The Lost Head of Ganesh

So I entered one of my favorite sculptures into a gallery exhibit at Rochester Contemporary. It opened on Thursday, and I talked about my piece for about 10 minutes today. I was really really nervous and I thought I was going to chicken out, so I didn't tell anybody about this exhibit for a really long time. Then I realized if I told more people, then I probably wouldn't be as nervous, or at least I wouldn't be as likely to chicken out. Everybody I told said they would show up. Only two people did. I felt kind of bad, but then again, I guess I don't really care anymore.
On the bright side, I did sell my piece! I don't know if I sold on the first day, which was a discount day, or if I sold it for full price yet. But I'm pretty excited, even though I know I'll never see my favorite sculpture again.

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Dec. 15th, 2012 02:29 am (UTC)
Whaaaaaaaaaoooooooooo!!! THAT is some bad-ass art, cap'n babe.
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