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Over the Past Week

I need to work on my music collection on my iphone. I feel like half my day is spent skipping songs I don't feel like hearing, so I'll save time in the long run if I spend forever and ever and ever working on playlists and shit, right? Besides, it's coming fast upon the running season, and if I'm going to start running again, I don't want to stop the flow by skipping a song. It sucks, because most of the music are bands I love (while some are new music I've been meaning to give a listen to). I guess it must be done. Especially if I'm going to get through the next week.

This past week was a Class-A mess. I skipped 3 classes just to have a little me time. I've been skipping one set of classes a lot, and I feel really bad about it, because 1) I'm graduating this semester, and I wanted to try to be better at not skipping classes, and 2) now I'm struggling. It's hard for me to gasp for air at this point. I just HATE this one class so much (sculpture). And then I have painting right after, to which I feel I can't bring my best, because getting through sculpture just takes so much out of me. So now I'm fending for myself on one project, which I worked on all week through trial-and-error (and a lot of expensive supplies). I haven't even gotten the chance to touch my painting, and I've got a feeling it's still going to have to wait til tomorrow.

This sculpture project, other than winging it, is pretty cool, all things considered. I made a little bust out of modeling clay (I started with modeling clay that was way too hard for me to work with- I was constantly putting it in the oven to warm it up, with special directions from the teacher on how to warm it, which worked at the beginning, but ended with boiling/charred clay. So I got new, softer clay, that I absolutely love). Then I took a couple days to build up a thick coat of latex on each side, while doing the same to a backup piece (a foam skull I altered a bit with some clay). And it's a good thing I did make a backup, because 1) I messed up the latex mold a little bit pulling it off the model, and 2) I messed up the latex mold A LOT by not letting the wax cool enough before I poured it in, and it fused a little bit with the mold in places, just enough to ruin it - it also leaked out the bottom of the plaster part of the mold, and so I have a MOSTLY finished cast of a bust, with little flecks of latex all over it.

So now I have to spend FOREVER making ANOTHER latex mold for it. Ugh.

Not a lot else has happened this past week. I hung out with Ross a couple times. I bought some good books (The Shout poetry book by Simon Armitage, The Girl on the Fridge, by Etgar Keret (with an awful translator- very passive), The Captain and other stories, by Chris Leavins, which I've heard 7 stories from already, and they are great), Låt den rätte komma in (finally), AND its English counterpart, AND the Swedish audiobook... to name a few. There's a couple more I got as suggestions from others. Bought some comics- 3 back copies and the current of Saga, 2 backs and the current for Fairest, and the last two issues of Courtney Crumrin (which was supposed to be ongoing, but I guess Ted Naifeh didn't realize what "ongoing" entails and decided to end it, which I'm pretty pissed about, but oh well. And I wrote a little story-start on my tumblr.

And I have been offered a higher position (which doesn't change my duties much, and gives me a $3 raise) starting in June, which means maybe I can finally afford my own vespa or a car or something... Or at least pay back student loans on time.

Next week I'll be scrambling to survive- finishing this damn sculpture project, working on TWO painting projects, inking 4 pages of comics, drawing one comic page for an anthology, and studying like mad for a big scary test in Anthropology.

So I've been trying to do some relaxing things (like spending time with Ross, reading, writing short things, and watching some TV) in between all the mayhem. But I'm now thinking that's a bad idea.

In the next week, I plan to finish my homework/projects, write in my LJ/Tumblr a little bit more, update greenoblivion.com (end of the week), finish reading my comics stack, finish reading The Girl Who Would Be King, start reading another book (between Palempsest, Ready Player One, Gun Machine, or Warm Bodies), bake sweets, and clean up the mess.


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Mar. 11th, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
Yay for the promotion!

Oh, which book of Keret's? I'm looking at his books, wanting to pick one up (in German, though, I think) - but right atm I try to stop myself given how many unread books I have here ...

And you are graduating this semester? Wow, the time flies!!! Go you!
Mar. 13th, 2013 01:50 pm (UTC)
The Keret book I got was The Girl On The Fridge, but I haven't had time to read it (it's a collection of very short stories). There's another book of his I love, also short stories, with a longer one in the back, called Kneller's Happy Campers (found in the book The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God). They made a movie about it called "Wristcutters: A Love Story" (one of my favourites).
Mar. 12th, 2013 01:30 pm (UTC)
Excuse me while I project my procrastination on to you. (I should be doing stuff. I should be doing stuff. I should be doing stuff.) what if I forbid you to do anything else until you have done your schoolwork? Is that helpful? GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! (Self.)
Mar. 13th, 2013 01:46 pm (UTC)
Haaa, it turned out that as I was scrambling to get my sculpture project rockin' and MAYBE caught up with my classmates, I'd actually plowed ahead of them by 3 days O_O
Also, my comics are ALMOST up to date.
Also, my anthropology test got pushed up to next week :D
I've apparently become awesome.
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