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Summer of Fawn / Art photos dump

So here is my big end-of-semester art dump. I have been through a very turbulent time trying to get through this semester. Lots of bad stuff came up, but I got over it all, and now I can concentrate on the Summer of Fawn, making jewelry, illustrations, baking, sewing skirts, and continuing comics.

First thing's first. How'd I do in my classes? Check it out!

That's the first time I ever got straight A's in my entire academic career!

Next up, art. I'm not going to bore you with sculpture class work, because I pretty well hated most of the stuff I did (though I did have fun making it). I loved only one project fully, despite having several problems in the process of working on it. My casting project yielded 4 skulls. In rockite, plaster, chocolate, and wax.

The plaster one turned out the best, but the chocolate one is my favourite (sadly, the fact that I cast it using a latex mold makes it inedible).

From Comics/Sequential Art class, I've got three major projects to show (I worked on a lot of inkings, too, but that'll be for another post). Each thumbnail can be clicked on, and it will lead you to my tumblr with all the components.

The first is a 1-page comic for the school's comic book anthology they put out every semester. This semester's theme was "Historical figures with super powers." It is difficult to read, so read the description on the page.
The next is a 2-page piece based on my favourite iphone app Zombies, Run! This is based on mission 9, called "A Voice in the Dark." It's only the first segment of the story, and I do plan on drawing the rest.
The third is my final project. A 5-page auto-bio narrative in a very different style. The last part of it will have to be clicked on to view (which I'll fix eventually) as I switched computers when I finished it and didn't have the other pages to reference text size. My teacher was blown away by this one :)

Painting class was pretty hard to get into, since it's right after my sculpture class, which took every bit of energy just to get through (let alone show up). So I struggled through this, and it showed in about half my pieces. Here's what I got. Again, click on the images to get to a bigger version (most go to just the jpg linked to my fb, but the last goes elsewhere).

The first is a dipdych of The Maxx with Julie/Jungle Queen. I like the Outback (the second) best. I was working with a really crappy set of hard canvas with a really rough tooth (texture). Never working with that sort of canvas again! I also haven't finished it :\
The next is a play on the famous Mad Hatter's Tea Party scene in Alice in Wonderland, where Alice is the druglord making a deal that's about to go sour.
Then there's a 3-layer painting. 1: space, 2: organs, 3: ribcage. I loved the way the ribcage turned out.
The next one is my conceptual piece, based on my goldfish Cornelius, who recently choked to death on a piece of gravel.
The next is my final (but not the last in the group), which was supposed to be a self portrait, but doesn't look a thing like me. I thought I'd like it, but I really don't.
The last one is a preview, as it's pretty NSFW. It's a big penis on a bright pink canvas. Clicking will lead you to my deviantart page where you can read the description of my intention with this piece.

(I just realized, you have to have a dA acct. to see the dong, I think - if you don't, click here to see it + the description).

And now on to bigger and better things.
Let's start with some brown paper bag sketches! <-- That link will take you to a few images like these:

Ugh, seriously. I haven't had time to do any of my own stuff in TOO LONG. I did have a nervous breakdown and holed myself up in the tub crying for many hours (but hey, at least I bathed! It'd been an unwholesomely long time before then). But like I said at the beginning, everything is better now. I went on some adventures, and hung out with friends, and took a bath just to relax... I started reading for pleasure again, too. I'm a slow reader, but I've got a giant list of books to read this summer! Right now I'm reading The Bookseller of Kabul, which is pretty good so far. I'm almost half done. Next will be one of the graphic novels on my list, and then Call of the Jersey Devil (Voltaire!!). I'm also starting back up with running for fun (Zombies, Run! 2 will be so played). And I want to really try to focus on my eating habits. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm vegetarian with vegan tendencies (and a lot of slipping up).

Oh jeez, it's 4am. Off to bed!