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I've been trying this new thing where I carry a mini 12-month calendar around in my bag, and I minimize the amount of things I do in a day due to the size of the squares. I think it's better than lists. More manageable (though I still make lists). Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to move things around, and sometimes I overbook my day anyway and then nothing gets done (like last weekend for Fringe, which I just blogged about in a separate entry. Totally worth it, though).

Things I didn't get done last week, but wanted to: catching up on letters & comics, making Asian sweet bread, sewing a new skirt, scanning my marker art, and going to the gym more than once (which I didn't feel bad about due to all the running/biking around I did).

I didn't use the calendar all this week for some reason or another. I think I was just too cold to do much - which is why winter sucks for me. And our landlord went on vacation so he wasn't around for us to ask him to turn the furnace on so we could get some heat (he lives in the apartment with the furnace)!!

I'm trying to get back on track this week, because due to the mess I caused myself (again, worth it!), I will probably miss the deadline for the Thirst 'Zine comic I was going to work on. But on the bright side, I finally came up with a story for my Smut Peddler submission!!

Plans today, comic book trip with Ross. Tomorrow, VOLTAIRE in Syracuse (at Syracuse Anime convention). Sunday, for fuck's sake, I want to bake and sew on Sunday! My plan for October is to have a Halloween skirt (made by me) to be worn every Friday of October! And then NEXT Saturday is Nuit Blanche in Toronto, where my friend Mike will be closing his gallery show :)