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Did I Get Fooled?

Saturday was my Bossman's birthday, but we both had to work on a special event. I bought him Hostess cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday, loudly, off-key, and messing up most of the words, like I usually do (to prevent people from asking me to sing Happy Birthday).

I forgot his gift, though, so I brought it in today (he took yesterday off). I got him a tie flask, which actually looks kinda nice on him, plus he can fill it with booze.

He wasn't in his office, though, so I went into the back and found him in HIS boss's office, discussing the budget (we are about to experience major cutbacks). Bossman and Bosslady came out of the office (Bosslady greeted me with a hug), and Bossman said, "Should we send her back to Damon Campus?" To quote internet-sensation NO NO NO Cat, No no no no no no no! And Bosslady said, Sylandria (the help desk worker at Damon) leaving for a better job.


See, last time I got transferred to Damon, it was an awful trick. I wasn't transferred to help out at their help desk, like I'd originally thought. That's why I got scared. But if Sylandria's leaving, that means I get to take over. I'd be over there, but at least I'd still be working for Bossman (best boss ever). Plus, as stated in the linked post, it's in walking distance from my home, and I could really use the exercise.

But then I realize... it's April Fool's Day. Did I get fooled? I guess I'll find out next week when I'm supposed to start over there.

(edit, 2 April: nope. Not a prank. Getting transferred next week).



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Apr. 2nd, 2014 08:32 pm (UTC)
I hope that this time being transferred over there will work out better for you. From the sounds of your last transfer it wasn't a happy fit for sure.

I've got my fingers crossed for you.
Apr. 3rd, 2014 12:16 am (UTC)
Thank you! It should be a lot better than before, since I'll be working in the same department. Last time, I got put into a department that didn't even need me, so I was pretty useless (that didn't last long after my boss saw how little use I was over there).
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