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Shit, I'm sorry... I promised to blog more. But I haven't been up to much til today, really. I went to hang out with a couple of friends on Tuesday at the Lovin' Cup, but that's it.

Today, I went out of the house to enjoy the nice weather... at the fuckin' mall.

Scouring pinterest last night, I came upon this gorgeous costume, which led to more clicking, and finally, I landed on a new muse: a propmaster named Cameron Scholes of Grim Stitch Factory. I was inspired to go out and buy some stuff for propbuilding, since I haven't made any props in a couple of years (school/cons/illustrations got in the way). Also wanted to buy some rigid collodion for my sfx makeup toolbox (haven't done makeup in about 3 years). Basically, today's been about my decision to focus on building an FX portfolio. Keeping busy again (every time I decide to go back to FB, it sucks me in full-throttle and I never get shit done). Anyway, I tried buying rigid collodion from the Mehron site, but it was $9 + $10 shipping??? Fuck that.

Then tried buying other things. Which didn't work. Yesterday, I tried to pay my internet bill with shady results (unable to verify my card). This, after a dodgy call from a guy who said I've got suspicious activity on my debit card, and actually asked for my full card number. Hah! I said I'd go in and talk to a REAL representative. And when I did, I had to do a little dance to get the Teller to bring me to a higher-up who then found flagged transactions for a little over a hundred bucks, which never even showed up on my statement (transactions were rejected due to the 'doctor' and 'hotel' being known suspicions). But I do have to get a new card with a new number (sucks, because I had that number memorized). They cut my card, and I withdrew a little load of cash to get me through the day.

Stopped at the dollar store in the bank plaza to get the cheapest crap for my hobby - twine, toys, brushes, etc. Barely anyone in the mall today, considering it's a Saturday (or maybe, barely anyone in the spots I walked). Went right for the gold, er... costume shop, which had my rigid collodion for $4!!! Sweet! While there, I filled my arms with crappy plastic weapons (chef's knife, axe, sai), along with a couple other things for myself. On the way home, I stopped off at a trading post for some choice rusty tools and about 2 dozen test tubes!

Came home and cleaned my studio. And by cleaned, I mean I watched episodes of House, fought in a war against stinkbugs, and made a small dent in the dump that is my studio. I also spray-foam'd the cracks in the ceiling/walls/windows and hope that cuts down on infestations. More cleaning tomorrow, but hopefully some setup, re-arranging, and crafting (also with the spray-foam, I attempted to fix my favourite boots' heels).

Oh, and I came home to my passport in the mail!

Now I can run away with you.


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Apr. 13th, 2014 11:23 pm (UTC)
Just now posted some old stuff on my journal ^_^
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Apr. 19th, 2014 02:39 am (UTC)
Thanks! And awesome! I was in 3 casts for 2 years. I played Rocky and Trixie mostly (and also crew, of course), but I've also played Mags, Columbia, Scott, Crim, Janet, and even Francine/Frankie from Shock Treatment! My favourite to play was Columbia, though. Especially the dance with Eddie :D
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