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Welcome To Night Vale

I thought, since these latest episodes, I'd compile a little Top Ten of my favourite welcome to Night Vale episodes.

Now, it's been a while since I went all the way back to the beginning to re-listen to episodes, so I am basing this list off memory. It's also not a top ten of any order - the fist one I list, might not be my absolute favourite or least favourite. They are in no particular order. Well, that's not exactly true. They're in whatever order they were played, but in no order as favourites go.

1. Street Cleaning Day
2. The Sandstorm a&b
3. One Year Later
4. Dana
5. Cassette
6. The Auction
7. Condos
8. Numbers
9. Visitor
10. Parade Day

If you don't know about Welcome to Night Vale, and you like podcasts that tell strange stories akin to David Lynch and HP Lovecraft, then you'll probably like this podcast. Plays out like a community radio show in 25 minute bits, hosted by Cecil Palmer (played by Cecil Baldwin). I've heard it best described as X-Files meets Twin Peaks... heavier on the Twin Peaks, but with things like a 5-headed dragon running for mayor, a faceless old woman who secretly lives inside your house, and a cat that floats at a fixed point in space (exactly 4 feet off the floor of the Night Vale Community Radio bathroom).