Smilin' Strange (diello) wrote,
Smilin' Strange

Tell Me Things

Hey everyone! I have random questions I'd love to have answered by you...

1) What are you reading? - I just finished Storykiller, by Kelly Thompson, and have finally moved onto a book that keeps getting pushed aside: Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline.

2) What's one thing that surprised you in a good way? - I'd been dieting (eating right/clean, avoiding gluten and most starches) and exercising (a little cardio followed by weight-training) for damn near two months now, with no budging on the scale, and I've finally gotten a routine down, and as of this morning, have lost 6lbs since the beginning of this month!! Either my scale is screwy, or my lifestyle change is FINALLY starting to pay off! don't burst my bubble on the scale bit.

3) What is something you subscribe to that you think others might enjoy? - I got on the email list for "Nerd Fitness" a little over a month ago, and it is AWESOME. No bullshit, really well-written articles/emails, and most importantly, it doesn't flood your inbox like others do. I also just today joined a brand new site called "Creature Effects Forum" which is for practical creature/makeup/prop fx (rather than CGI).

4) How long have you held-it-in because you were busy doing something else and didn't want to break your stride (or hadn't the opportunity)? - I'm going on 2 hours right now (will pee when I hit "post"), but my longest time was about 5 hours (from the first feeling of having to pee), and it ended with a terrifying first UTI on my birthday.

5) What is one thing you dreamed of doing for a long time and finally got to do? - for me, it was meeting Voltaire, and we are now friends. I also dreamed of dating Crispin Glover, have met him 3 times, and actually asked him out on a date twice!
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