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So I've been sucked into a Face-Hole lately, along with other blogs for the past few days.

Send help.

About a week ago, atop the Stuff Purge, I got into a nesting mood, which for me, is when I go on a massive cleaning/organizing spree. Compared to a week ago, a month ago, too long ago, my closet is sparkling! Go look at my last Look-Book entry - the Skull Shirt photo is the last one I took last week (things loaded in the wrong order without me noticing, so I just went with it). You can see the huge mess in all the other pictures, and then it all magically disappears! I still have loads to do, but that made me feel so good.

That metaphor about cleaning out your closet? The one where you just purge or unload or get the skeletons out or whatever? This must be where that came from, because of all the cleaning and purging I've done, the closet is what had me feeling like a huge weight came off me, and I was finally able to just chill guilt-free.

And then a huge mess happened again. One of my friends requested a couple pictures of me for her Gishwhes scavenger hunt, one being a photo of me with my passport (just showing my name - for the "someone with a noun for a name") and the other being supernatural toenails on really hairy toes. Enter my makeup kit.

I'm not going to post photos... the toes are seriously gangly and gross. But I spirit-glued hair onto my toes, then built up my toes with latex before painting them lilac and black, with big sparkles, and screws coming off them. Oh, and I painted my foot green with shitty, ancient creme paste.

My schedule is PACKING up this week (today more than anything) - meeting with two people: one button client, and one friend of Ron who bought ten of my DVDs.

Oh man! Ron is THE BEST. He told a bunch of his friends about my Buy Fawn site and I've had two bites so far. SO EXCITED!!! Ron is awesome!

(since starting this entry, I've since met with the button client and the friend of Ron who bought the DVDs - button client was a little weird and smiled like looking into the sun, but DVD guy was nice company)

Boston this weekend!
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