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Nerd Fitness Academy!

So I did it. I joined the Nerd Fitness Academy! It was $99 for a lifetime membership, with a lifetime money-back guarantee. I've been a huge fan of Nerd Fitness for a long time now and I feel like this is a good step to get back on track, and it's ONE fee, instead of a monthly/yearly charge like others (Weight Watchers was pricey, but it worked for a short time - I have a problem with food=points systems, though. Not to mention, their food wins for World's Most Vile Chemical Shitstorm). Anyway, I'll probably be a walking billboard for Nerd Fitness, until I find its "Too Good to be True" part.

The way it works is this (and let me know if the photo doesn't show up; I'm hotlinking the image from their site):

You set up your username and Class (I'm a Warrior - heavyweight training, but there is also Ranger - crossfit, Scout - endurance, and Assassin - agility). You complete quests in 6 categories (general, academy, and the four classes, gaining extra xp within your own class). There's also mindset, nutrition, and general fitness side-quests. And a lot more (the link above has all the specs, including a video overview).

So one of my first quests, a mindset side quest, is to write a deep-seeded reason on why I dropped the money to do this. My reasons are pretty shallow.

I used to fit into these gorgeous 60s style dresses, and I could climb stairs without getting grossed out by the grinding sound of my knees (I'm 32 and my knees are shot, and it's not just because I had a few accidents in my youth). I am floating around the weight of 230lbs, and want to be back down to my adult-thinnest (160 - which, back then, I still thought was too fat, but I'm begging for that again). I was able to confidently wear a gold bikini when I played Rocky in the Rochester cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show - the fact that I sometimes borrowed a bikini from the sexiest member of the cast, and fit into it well, had me beaming with much-needed confidence. Now I wear long sleeves in the summer to hide my fat arms, I have developed under-rolls rashes and sweat, and I am sick of all my favourite dresses gathering moths in the closet (or being given away). And I am sick of plus-sized clothing models looking like they're wearing high-class garbage bags and tents. I sew, and I can't find any decent fatty-boom-batty patterns that show off my good curves.

I also want to turn some specific heads. I wasn't this big when I met a lot of my more recent friends and sweethearts (or the older ones, of course), and it seems like they used to look at me more fondly back then than they do now. I want that back. I want to feel attractive to other people, not just to myself. I don't feel unattractive when I look at myself in the mirror (unless I'm sitting in a particularly unflattering way) or when I am just out and about, or look at myself without a mirror, but when I see photos of myself, oh god why! Only two people have ever taken flattering photos of me in my whole life (myself and Voltaire). I want to be as pretty as I feel when I'm not seeing photos or video of myself.

And I really want to be able to do a pull-up, a hand-stand, climb a rope, and beat just one person in arm-wrestling! I have an embarrassing lack of arm strength, and of course, they're all jiggly-jiggly, which I also wish to fix.

I'm also hoping some extra-personal physical ailments that have deformed bits of me will be lessened when I lose enough weight, especially sagging bits, cysts, and even my endometriosis, which won't be fixed with exercise, but might be lessened.

So that's my origins story. I'm going to post my official BEFORE pictures/measurements in an edit to this post later, because many of you will have already breezed past this entry by the time I do that, hahaha!!

(also doing this has gotten me +25xp)
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