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Star Wars Virgin

Before last night, I'd never ever seen Star Wars. I know, shocking, considering I am an active nerd, geek, and sci-fi / fantasy fan (not to mention being vice president and stand-in president for my college's Sci-Fi & Fantasy club). Star Wars is so ingrained into our culture and everyday lives that I never felt the need to see it before, as I felt I already knew the whole story. And I pretty much did.

I know it's not a huge deal, but so many people are so very shocked to know. Two of my favourite English professors (one being my BAE - best adviser ever) LITERALLY WROTE A BOOK about Star Wars! I took Sci-Fi Literature with Silvio, and he noted, with a wink, that he didn't hold it against me that I'd never seen it. I took Writing Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy with Tony, and when he found out, he was completely speechless, and walked away, and did not talk to me for a week, and then explained that since I'd missed out on the childhood majesty of the experience of watching it, I was not even human to him, and that I'd missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime stepping stone.

I'd once confessed my "StarWarginity" to Voltaire, friend, client, and talented singer of a number of Star Wars and Star Trek songs, and he thought it was no big deal. This is the man who taught Jedi wisdom to his son, who pitched a Star Wars sketch to Adult Swim's Robot Chicken (and subsequently had the idea ripped off), who is such a die-hard sci-fi fan that he once requested a fan tape a SW special in case he missed it... And it was no big deal. This is my favourite song that Voltaire has done about Star Wars (and is my favourite song on the whole BiTrektual album):

After years of not seeing it, at first by coincidence, then by principal, then again by lack of opportunity, I finally sat down to watch the file that a friend gave me. "The good version," he said, where Han shot first, and without the Jabba scene added in.

I knew the story, the music, the voices, the characters, though there were a couple little details here and there I didn't know (like how much of a whiney bitch C3PO is, and that Leia is the one who stole the Death Star plans). I do plan on watching the next two, because my prior knowledge of the story lacks after the first film, and some scenes I thought were in the first aren't.

I really loved every minute of the story, from the exposition to the last of the credits. I had gone in assuming the exposition would be really long and wordy, and expected to just kind of pay attention to my nails (which I was painting during the movie), but I gave it a chance and said "oh, that's not boring or long!" and remained enthralled throughout the whole thing. I may have missed the childhood majesty, but it didn't stop me from really enjoying the whole thing, and being on the edge of my seat during a few scenes.

I love Leia! She's got a bit of a mean streak, and resting-bitch-face, but she's great! What I really loved was that she wasn't treated as a "mere" woman, as women so often are treated in films (though less so in sci-fi). She wasn't frail, and no one questioned her based on her gender. She wasn't treated different just because she's female. She was treated as a rebel leader and prisoner. Her attitude was "leader" and not frail princess. Fucking-A :) Also, cinematically speaking, she's the first Disney Princess to have brown eyes (even though she's not the first inducted into the league of Disney Princesses).
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