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Man... or Astro-Man? Defcon 54321

I went to see an amazing show last night in Buffalo. Man or Astro-Man, a band I've loved for exactly half my life came to perform in a nearby city!!! Their album Experiment Zero (my favourite), of which they performed many songs last night, was the second album I ever bought (following Mr. Bungle's Disco Volante). This show was probably the coolest show I've ever been to see! Seriously.

I heard of their tour from a comicker friend, Aaron Alexovich (of Serenity Rose). He'd posted (on FB) a marquee with their name written across it. That had me pissing with excitement! I had no idea they toured! Back 16 years ago, the internet wasn't as 'at your fingertips' as it is today, and nobody I knew had ever heard of them (except the one person who suggested them), so I always assumed they were some obscure regional band. So glad I was wrong, but sad that I missed out on other opportunities to enjoy them (for instance, it wasn't til a few years back that I even realized they had other albums).

(this is my favourite shot)

It stoked me so much to realize there are women in the band. Plural! That didn't used to be the case when I first heard of them. When I found out they were touring, I had looked up some old performance videos, and I didn't see any women. The theremin was performed by a guy, all guitars (including a crazy-looking one not appearing on this tour) was performed by a guy, but now those two have been replaced by incredible rockin' dames! The guitarist even performed right in the audience for a song!

For those who don't know, the band is a surfer science-fiction rock band with a seriously bitchin' signature sound! They sing, but not often. Most of their songs are instrumental, and any lyrics that do get sung are pretty inconsequential, being minimal, and while live, kinda inaudible anyway, getting drowned out by the guitars. Gah! Those guitars! I couldn't tell between the lead guitar and the secondary which I liked better in terms of which riffs I loved most, because they just split the awesome evenly! And the dame guitarist and bassist were totally in sync!

At one point, they'd invited the singer from the second opening band, The Pack A.D., and the drummer from the first opening band, Wray, to perform a cover song of Don't Change, by INXS, which was pretty cool. Soon after, they ended the show. The last song involved the theremin at center stage, and then at the end of her performance, she picked it up and held it out to the crowd for us all to wave our hands around it, making awesome noises! It was so cool!!!

No encore, but that's okay, because they played an amazing show. The lady guitarist went over to drum during the last song while the drummer went backstage to bring out the packing equipment, during the song! The screens started to scramble, and display an error message. Then at the very end, she kept drumming, as the true drummer started dismantling the drums, and stacking them on top of each other, and eventually got one of the symbol stands up on the very top. Now THAT'S how you tell a band the show's over!

I bounce-danced the entire time. My smile took over my whole face. I squealed with delight at all the songs I recognized. There was me and a random kid up front dancing wildly, and when I looked behind me (oh, I was front and center!), everyone looked so somber and still. Come on! Anyway, after the show, I joined the crowd at the merch table. I bought a tshirt, two stickers, a download card (disguised as a sweet Visitor Pass), and a pin. I'm wearing the shirt right now. It fits great, and is so soft! It may be my new favourite.


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Sep. 11th, 2014 09:26 am (UTC)
Ah, now that's what I call a gig!

Mr. Bungle was your first album? Surely everything sounds very mundane after that?!
Sep. 12th, 2014 04:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah, MB was my favourite band throughout high school. I mean, Mike Patton, eh?
There was a definite streak of odd music from there, and it opened me up to tunes beyond what was played on popular tv and radio. My third album was from Stereolab. I think those are the three bands that introduced me to a world of better music.
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