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Rocky Horror Nerves

roc On the 18th, I'll be performing in the Rochester Rocky Horror Reunion Show at The Cinema. I'm excited, of course, but also nervous, not because I'll have to go back up on stage for the first time in over 10 years, but because I have to bake/decorate a cake. I'm happy to do it, of course, but it takes a LOT out of me. That, and there's not going to be any rehearsal, and we'll be winging it as far as blocking goes.

This photo is me, by the way, back when I had orange hair, and also performed in Buffalo with The First Church of Rocky Horror. This is X-Mess 2003 at The German House, my final performance in A Rather Tasteless Joke, as Rocky himself. I wish there were photos of me when I played Rocky in a bikini (I used to be that thin), when I first started.

I've played many roles. The list of who I HAVEN'T played is actually shorter (Frank, Riff, Brad, Eddie). I started, after a little while of being Crew, as Trixie. My official role was Part-Time Rocky, otherwise Trixie/Crew. I even played Francine/Frankie in Shock Treatment in a Shocky Horror Double Feature! My favourite role was Columbia, but probably because I played opposite my favourite director PJ as Eddie, and he lifted me high above his head three times during Hot Patootie :)

That's who's organizing this big ol' reunion. PJ was my first RHPS director. The reunion show is not just a reunion of A Rather Tasteless Joke and others he'd been a part of, but for all casts of Rochester Rocky Horror, and there's been a lot! We're going to split/share each role in this massive performance, 5 Franks, 3 Eddies, 6 Janets/Brads, etc (those numbers aren't accurate, by the way - I'd have to go check the official cast list to see how many of each role we have). I'm going to be one of 4 Criminologists. My scenes are "Life is an Illusion" just before the Bedroom scenes, "Forbidden Fruit/No Picnic" (that's for ALL of us, because it's going to be an orgy or a picnic (and you know, the line ends: "no picnic"), and the ending "lost and time, and lost in space, and (what is this movie lacking?) meaning."


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Oct. 7th, 2014 08:51 pm (UTC)
This sounds like all kinds of fun!!
The world doesn't need 6 Janets though! lol.
Oct. 7th, 2014 09:46 pm (UTC)
Just checked - we have 4 Janets!! hahaha
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