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Year's End

I'm gonna keep this short.
Some of the links to older posts may not have their respective photos, as I was hotlinking from facebook half the time. I'm not going to go through and re-add the pictures, but some of them are below.

January: Started the year off with a good case of Murder, or so assumed.

February: I spent from Xmess to a week before the big day preparing for Voltaire's Wicked NecroComiCon, my first boothing experience, and it was amazing! Beforehand, though, the worst thing happened. No link, just admittance... Ross dumped me. And it's been terrible. I became very introverted this year.

March: I found out a movie that was imagined by one of my all-time favourite singers was making its North American debut at the NY Int'l Children's Film Fest, so I made a plan, and when I hammered out all the kinks, I followed through, and had an amazing surprise!

April: I ended my short-lived but fun podcast, Animatic Attack, with my friends Nick and Justique. At the end of the month, by pure fucking chance, I got to meet the Dream King (Neil Gaiman, guys, come on).

May: Bid farewell to the darkest mind in the universe, HR Giger.

June: My friend Ron took me to see Steve Martin, The Leader of the Plaque, in the middle of a week of hanging out at the Jazz Fest. I pointed at his amazing fiddler, and said "That'll be me after my first violin lesson."

July: Not much.

August: August is always packed, and adventurous in one way or another. This year, I spent a weekend in Cambridge with Pax, and we went to Boston Comic Con, where I met Ben Templesmith <3. Walking around two great cities all weekend prompted me to finally join the Nerd Fitness Academy. And because I was on a roll, I also decided it's about time I lost my StarWarGinity

September: Continuing my health kick, I decided that for two weeks, I'd try Soylent, and I loved it.

October: Instead of worrying about Halloween, I spent the whole month planning a big-ass cake and other preparations for the big, huge Rochester Rocky Horror Reunion Show. When I wasn't doing that, I was doing Inktober and Only-Horror October.

November: I met Laurie Halse Anderson, attempted to participate in NaNoWriMo, and saw Too Many Cooks.

December: Four holiday parties, WAY too much food (and even more junk food), and realized I am finally starting to heal from the loss of Ross as a friend.  Oh, and for update purposes, I only completed about half my 40-item resolution list for 2014.  Gonna step up my game this year (resolutions here).

Auntie Mame
I Just Like to Make Things
Gun Machine
The Art of Alice The Madness Returns
The Hellbound Heart
Vintage Tea Party
The Windup Girl
NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette
Ready Player One
All You Need is Kill
Dead Pig Collector
The Legend of Candy Claws
Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Saga 1 - 3
Fables 17 - 20
Ball Peen Hammer
Louis Riel
Sleep of Reason

Wolf of Wall Street
Thor 2
Kill Your Darlings
Jack et La Mécanique du Coeur
(English version: Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart)
Jodorowsky's Dune
Under the Skin
a lot of student films
Only Horror October list
Stage Fright
Nymphomaniac I & II
Knights of Badassdom
Escape from Tomorrow
Frankenstein's Army
Red 2

New (to me) Podcasts:
Thrilling Adventure Hour, God Hates Fangs, Pod F. Tompkast, Dead Authors, Serial, Wits

Jazz Fest, Park Ave Fest, Shakespeare in the Park, Museum After Dark (x2), Gogol Bordello, Fringe Fest, Vertex Garage Sale, Benefit for Telgar the puppypants, Ack!

Art, from my first piece, to my last :


with no particular order in between
10384032_793639950666536_3840276367762881704_n10253777_10152000124011856_3792833327955553861_n10410445_10152021237036856_8220316993771536912_n10366290_10152021237171856_7545546358569437251_n10365883_10152021237291856_635289103571031710_n jett_and_soren___god_killer_s__by_diello-d71sqmu catra_by_diello-d72czkg1480506_10151925708276856_1742131259_n 1441440_10152354490651856_2139810605196550564_n tea 10004064_10151909497796856_185623876_n 1975259_10151906482926856_798402462_n 1901240_10151906571476856_1419940690_n 1969320_10151906163776856_1502160564_n 10419405_10152195294766856_9098362557744064160_n   insta 10516825_10152297527636856_2200144863637314921_n 10712773_10152297527716856_8540578641815667825_n 10304640_10152297527736856_6172441766379574208_n 65515_10152302173446856_670481751554842317_n 10659217_10152302173441856_3439269205227446502_n 10559846_10152323350716856_1303617284049566579_n 1654068_10152323350746856_4287086679042404334_n 1010146_10152323411296856_5911249039511359941_n 10484723_10152297527741856_521284014164794454_n 10561743_10152297527531856_4107911748943271842_n 10645178_10152297527516856_7893507512538797822_n 1890998_10152297527526856_7168053390595289461_n 10592921_10152195294721856_3309932788953502397_n 10649934_10152195294801856_6709756128253495509_n 10394861_10152297527631856_6854908996622058390_n 10689709_10152297527626856_8146852019696852459_n ophelia 1966733_10151892856716856_1509125523_n 10477884_10152357848596856_3861245818408889574_n 10516613_10152243811051856_4875635570453184583_n 1975128_10152316430266856_8991000858033877937_n 1625583_10152008011441856_8931032813605454652_n 10269394_10152012486361856_4802547768389488177_n   wrapped 10402645_10152016024016856_8852492137713315232_n 10298909_10152010925816856_801751839897875867_n


Friends and famous people:
10454525_10152060373811856_4841390688965037600_n1451384_10152202930371856_4096788507737035673_n1901303_10151936770881856_7276524882623186059_n1796528_743396782357520_490056042_n10261989_766927056671159_6926817988170736366_n10015640_747791161918082_827931568_n1972424_10151909435281856_1915753981_ndead 10501615_795021043861760_967189845909174485_n10426078_805433976153800_6022400696873965356_n10516651_10152109553961856_3198579707459527904_n1920298_10151897487221856_54800236_n 10624801_10152328259581856_225259814873016474_n10701978_936452383049636_8110513686733320043_n1907337_10152404591576856_3984291789996076580_n

And the best/worst fortune I ever got in a cookie:


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Jan. 2nd, 2015 04:08 am (UTC)
Nice artwork! You have an intriguing style.
Jan. 4th, 2015 07:05 pm (UTC)
Jan. 2nd, 2015 02:53 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks for the podcast shout-out! :D Well done for accomplishing so much in 2014, and best wishes for the new year!
Jan. 4th, 2015 07:04 pm (UTC)
It was the most fun podcast I got to listen to! I hope you find something else to podcast about sometime soon :D
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