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(I'm sorry for not commenting so much on all of your entries, guys. I do read most of them, I promise)

I got so excited for last weekend, because it was supposed to be my first 3-day weekend in a long time, and I had absolutely no plans (aside from a much-needed movie night with Meagan that also involved proverbial gut-spilling and eating a pint of ice cream)! I desperately needed a weekend to myself!

I didn't do much - just unwound, showered, chilled out, and did some little things. I wanted to save the big things (laundry and such) for my Monday off.

But I did finally organize my tea! Not only have I condensed the pre-packaged satchels into minimal space (got rid of some mostly empty boxes), but I now have a menu of tea for friends and family who come to visit. A few weeks back, I offered my visiting mum some tea and she asked what I've got. "No, no, you tell me what you want, because I'm certain whatever you ask for, I have." She asked for Chai. "Okay, what kind?" "THERE ARE KINDS??" So now I have a menu, separated into Caffeinated, Chai, Green, and Herbal, with stars aside the loose teas, and brands aside each listing.

Then I got a call. The woman I've been covering for on Mondays was supposed to return to work this week, giving me back my extra day. She called Sunday afternoon and asked me to cover again. I said no at first, but then thought about it...

I need money. I don't honestly care whether I work or not. But moreso, I am always bitching to my boss and coworkers that she never calls me to cover when I gave her my number for that exact reason. So I called back and said okay. Goddammit.


In other news, I've been spending a minimum of 3 hours at the cafe every weekday with my new friends - namely Brian. Brian, Ryan, and Tim. Those are the names of the three friends I've made. Plus loads of others I get to talk to when they're around. It's wonderful. Brian and I hung out on the roof of the parking garage the other day. Tim tossed me a cigarette and I caught it without realizing he lit it first. Ryan correctly guessed the professions and star signs of some of my ex friends based on how they hurt me. And I talked to a girl who knew Brian, who I knew from school, who I saw perform at Lovin' Cup, who I thought didn't like me at all based on her attitude toward me in school, but is actually pretty awesome. I like connecting with people.