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For Reference

I'm learning to knit, and I've chosen to knit a sweater with directions from the book Pretty in Punk.

I just want to keep these two links for reference:
Black yarn
Green yarn

Those are the two colours. I bought them at Joann's (their only mohair-esque yarn), but they are, like, half-sized skeins, and I need to buy more (unfortunately, these were in short supply - especially the green - at the store, so I'm going to have to keep those links). I just ran out of the black on the second section (with only 4 more rows to go to finish off the section. Damn).

This is the sweater:

It says it's supposed to be big (like, a bit baggy). I'm pretty sure this will be a really tight fit for me, though (I am short, and 220lbs), but will at least be good practice, and an nice gift for someone.