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Lessons and Fingers

My violin lessons started back up over the weekend! And then things immediately went to hell. But first, the lesson!

My tutor Hanna flew off to Europe for the summer, and left me with a few pieces to practice in my book. I abandoned one of them, but got pretty decent at another (unfortunately, the one I abandoned was half a page, while the one I got down was only a line), and also went back to older pieces (half and full page pieces).

Lesson went well. I showed her this new piece that I finally got my hands on, that I was beginning to break down and learn. Explained that this piece is the one that prompted me to start lessons. We covered the first two bars, and she set my homework to cover half a page. I'm pretty stoked!

My ears are getting better. My fingers are getting better. And then...

Then I had to prepare for a picnic. I ran to the kitchen to prepare the vegetables for the shepard pie. Got most of the way through chopping the veggies, then sliced my third finger (the ring finger). Deep. It bled for an hour.

Any cuts or pricks or whatever that happen on spots that are really close to bone (like fingers, hand, wrist, elbows (the entire leg equiv) ), I get super queasy. I'm better if I'm seeing stuff like this on someone else, but when it happens to me, I'm out for the count.

Thankfully Charles came home and took over the cooking. Finished up, and we were on our way.

The picnic was really fun. But I came home with even more afflictions to my fiddle hand. I thought it was bug bites, right in the crotch of my first two fingers, so extra itchy. Then my fingers started swelling around the bite. When I rubbed anti-itch creme on it, I felt many little bumps all along the knuckles and up the first finger. Not bug bites, but I don't know what they could be, except maybe some stray poison-something in the field (I played a yard game that had me fetching pieces from their missed targets, including from the bushes).

What. The. Fuck.

So now I'm dousing it in alcohol and taking allergy medicine to get the swelling and itching down (it's working, thankfully).