Smilin' Strange (diello) wrote,
Smilin' Strange

Back On.

You have no idea how good I feel now.

Brian called me last night. We talked for a half-hour. I told him how I missed him, and he said he missed me, too; he just needed some time apart. I asked him where he's been, and he said he's just been avoiding the cafe during the times I'm usually there. Funny, I said. I've been avoiding the place, too. I said I was just there twice a week at first, but almost never sitting at the cafe (just across the street). Then I started going to the other cafe, then started just walking or bussing straight home right after work.

I told him I missed him. I thought of him a lot. I told him I didn't take it personally, and I knew it was because of his medicine resistance (he said, yeah, because we both know I'm too crazy). I didn't tell him I cried, even after the initial shock, because I missed him so much. I didn't tell him that even though I thought my medicine was helping me to not take it so personally, that I was still letting my life become a mess. I didn't tell him anything sad, sappy, or sentimental. And he asked to see me the next day (today).

Usual spot.

I didn't see him when I arrived, but he called a few moments later. I was smoking a cigarette across the street. "Where are you?" I looked around and saw him immediately. "I'm right behind you across the street!"

I felt nervous as he walked toward me, but then immediately felt really good. He wore the coat he had on when we first met. It seemed like a good sign.

Actually, there were a lot of signs that I took as a good restart to our relationship...

As you probably know, via it being plastered everywhere, especially Facebook, today is Back to the Future Day, or the day Marty arrived at when he traveled to the future in BttF2. Brian and I watched the first one together, and part of the second (he was really tired that day, so I left early so he could go to sleep). I gave him the movie set as a gift, which he watched all the time.

On the day we met, I first met his friend Dillar. Then Brian came by and I met him. He wore a green coat. And we immediately became close friends.
Today, he wore the green coat, and it was like a renewed friendship between us, having been separated for nearly a month. And I met Dillar's brother for the first time. And I gave Brian the BttF movie set (again, because when he broke up with me last month, it was in the bag of things he had dumped at my house).

Stupid, I know, but I'm not going to discount it.

It was like old times. I bought him lunch, we shared a couple of cigarettes, we danced and sang and walked around and goofed off in the streets, I took pictures of him, and we laughed a lot.

I got him back. That never happens :)

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