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This Year's Resolutions

Recapping this year's resolutions and seeing what I've got to give up or rush to finish ;)

Health (because let's face it, health almost always comes first, in life, and in resolutions)
1. Get back into regular exercise, via Nerd Fitness Academy
I did not do this. Ugh. At all, this year.

2. Start Soylent again (this will start in February, if all goes according to plan)
I started this in March, but the version I got didn't sit right with me, and, look, if anyone wants any Soylent 1.4, I have a few boxes you can buy.

3. Start running again, via Zombies Run!

But here's where things come together...

4. Move on from those who have hurt me.
I did it. And it made me feel amazing. I broke through my depression. And I never looked back.

5. Reconnect with real-life people.
I did this, too. I went out to my favourite cafe every day, and met my new best friend, and a myriad of others.

6. Use the sun lamp when needed.
I haven't needed it much, but I have turned it on a couple times.

1. Practice violin every day.
I'm on almost every day. There have been maybe 3 occasions where I've had to take a break - last week being one of them due to a shoulder injury.

2. Complete Goodreads challenge.

3. Read 1 French novel (preferably the one I have with the audiobook version).
I read part of a book of French short stories. No audio book. May try an audio book next year.

4. Read the stories discussed in HP Podcraft (and other literary podcasts)
They switched to a pay podcast, giving me only a quarter of them free, so I gave up on this one.

5. Learn how to make a Wordpress site.
Did not do this, but maybe there's still time after I finish xmess stuff.

6. Write something meaningful (hopefully on the wordpress site)
I wrote an outline for NaNoWriMo that my friends liked, but I never got to writing (I wasn't actively trying). I may shoot for a short story of it.

1. Finish 2 comics (at least)

2. Keep up with the monthly scene-changes for my BJD (which you can see on my Instagram)
I stopped after September, but have set up for December.

3. Make at least 5 woodwork projects
I did four. I'll count staining two projects as the last one.

4. Cast frame moulds (and other things)
I bought a frame I can cast, and some of the casting stuff. The rest arrived by mail too late for me to complete this one.

5. Paint and Sculpt
I did a few things.

6. More marker portraits
I did three. Damn. Hoping to do a few more this month.


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Dec. 3rd, 2015 04:34 pm (UTC)
That reads to me like you accomplished a ton. Yay! And the one that sounds most amazing to me is the "moving on" one. So, so, so hard. And I am so glad it made you feel better <3
Dec. 17th, 2015 05:46 pm (UTC)
Ah, I guess I'm looking at it one at a time, which focuses on the stuff I haven't done (maybe it's because it's stuff I could have easily done, or can still easily do), instead of seeing the big picture. I guess I have done more than I thought :)
I can't believe moving on worked, and that I was able to do it. Still can't believe it ^_^
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