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Year's End

Usually, I do my year's end recap month by month, but this year, I thought I'd go season-to-season with a 'best of' and 'worst of' theme. It's less exhausting, but still kinda hard to pick just a couple for each. I'm also making a separate post for art, even if it is kinda sparse this year.

I took my "Move on" resolution to heart and succeeded. I moved on. I cut out those who hurt me. I blocked them. I forgot about them. I deleted phone numbers, photos, and cleaned out the social networks (in a few places, even started new ones). I even purged my closet KonMari style. I got out there. I got social. I got new friends who are amazing. And it really helped me to break out of my depression. After all these years, I'm finally on the other side.

I started getting cozy with my newfound productivity and my exit from deep depression, and took a week to myself, spinning me into laziness, which I feared would be a gateway back into depression.

When I ran away from home as a teenager, the first place I went was Java's. Right away, I felt at home, and right away, I noticed a boy darting around the area like a squirrel (so we started calling him The Squirrel). I'd see him every single day at Java's. We never spoke (we spoke once - his very first words to me being "can I set my coffee here?" I said sure, with a blush). He became THE SYMBOL of Rochester's East End. And a little over 15 years later, only a year after I even learned his name, we became best friends.

My dad died. If I dwell on thinking about it, about him being in a coffin forever asleep, I get weepy. But it hit me hardest when I learned that his days were numbered. And I decided to learn how to knit to keep my mind occupied. My last memory of him is not him huddled and cold on his hospital bed, but the fact that the only thing he could eat, the only thing he really cared to eat, was my banana bread. I don't know if I can make it again without thinking of him.

A lot of awesome things happened, mostly in August. One of my comic book heroes named one of her new characters after me, and sent me the original concept drawing in the mail (which I have framed in my hall now). I got a new (big) tattoo. And I had a really sweet date with Brian.

A lot of bad also happened, mostly in August. I met Brian's dark side for the first time. I had to write a justification letter to keep my job. Voltaire's NecroComicCon was cancelled from its weekend venue. And Dillar, the person responsible for me and Brian meeting, died of an overdose. Brian came over to my house the night he told me, to check up on me. He stuck around on my stoop while I cried about it, and we talked for a bit, and it made things better to know Brian cared enough about me to come over.

I discovered that I have an estrogen dominance, and am now medicated to keep it under control. I can't believe what a difference it makes, but I am so fucking happy it's working! After a month of working through this (as well as some other stuff, mentioned below), I ended up having the best birthday ever. And I made a great vegan thanksgiving feast.

Brian and I broke up. He didn't talk to me for a whole month. I was really sad about it, but the medicine helped me not to take it too personally. We got back together on Back to the Future Day - which held a myriad of significance to us both. And it's like we never parted.

To end the year, all the conventions that were cancelled or that I didn't get into, and the lack of sales from my etsy shop led me to be pretty well stocked for a last minute show where I made a couple hundred bucks :)


Welcome to Night Vale
St. Trinian's: The Entire Appalling Business
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The Marvelous Land of Oz
Ozma of Oz
Tommy's Tale
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
In the Miso Soup
ASOUE: The Hostile Hospital
The Captain and other Stories
The Beast Within
Vintage Sweets
Soul Pancake
DIY Vegan

Fairest 2-5
Saga 4-5
Know Your Coffee
This One Summer
French Milk
Afterlife with Archie
In Real Life

Movies (in a theater)
What We Do In The Shadows
Infinitely Polar Bear
Tome of the Unknown
Mad Max Fury Road
The Diary of a Teenage Girl
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Mr. Holmes
Crimson Peak
RIT Honors Show

Movies (new to me)
The Oranges
John Dies at the End
ABCs of Death 2
Little Miss Sunshine
A Million Ways to Die in the West
Only Lovers Left Alive
St. Trinian's
St. Trinian's 2
He Took His Skin Off For Me
Rare Exports
Now You See Me
The Babadook
Would You Rather
Buffalo '66
Spring Breakers
If I Stay
The Skeleton Twins
Dear White People
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
a load of Only Horror October movies

The Heart
The Black Tapes
Here Be Monsters
Getting On with James Urbaniak
The Truth
We Got This

John Carpenter
Zombina and the Skeletones
Kitty in a Casket
The Rain Within
Over the Garden Wall soundtrack & Composer's Cut
Periodic Table of Elephants
Melanie Martinez
The Mountain Goats

Non-Music Performances & Events
Welcome to Night Vale
Judgement at Nuremberg
RMSC After Dark
Imagine RIT
The Great Cabbage Massacre of 490E
Vertex Garage Sale
Museum of the Dead Halloween party
Handmade Holidays South Wedge festival

Exploding Kittens
Hertzfeldt on Blu-Ray
The Art of Loish

Other Stuff
Defeated Slade in a Batman game (a fuckin' feat)
Time lapse video of one of my illustrations
Applied for a full-time position at MCC and experienced the most horrifying interview to date
Made a table
Reunion with Emily and the gang
My First Superbowl and superbowl party a'la John & Ron
Hosted a BJD meetup
First Blue Apron recipe with Jackie!
Boom Chocolatta cookie core ice cream (worth putting on the list).
My name and question in one of the last Dead Authors podcast episodes <3
Met a baby gopher!
Made a commercial for Rustiques
Life Is Strange <3
Became a contributor for Chocolate In My Cleavage
Clifton Hill (Niagara Falls)
Joined Vine
Made my own marshmallows!
Vegan Thanksgiving!
Parties at friends' houses!