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Long Weekend

I have two Facebook accounts. One for family and people I went to high school & college with. The other is for my friends. I have two members of my family on my real account: My cousin and my nephew. That's beside the point of the story.

Back to the other Facebook:
This guy I went to high school with posted on my wall for no reason, suggesting we get together for coffee or whatever. I said I'm at Java's almost every day starting around 1:15 if he wanted to drop by. We agreed on Friday. I hoped he wasn't asking me on a date. Like that other guy, I hoped he'd at least have seen pictures of me and Brian and assumed I'm not available. Whatever.

Thursday, I told Brian and Meagan that I'm nervous about seeing him, because I wasn't that close with him in high school, and he looks a bit like a creeper on FB (specifically, he looks like late-90s Hot Topic threw up on him and never washed off). I didn't want to have to hug hello or anything. They agreed to hang around as my bodyguards.

Friday rolled around, and I sat nervously between the two of them, Brian told our friends I was eagerly awaiting my date, and Meagan planned to introduce herself as Barton. 1:15 came and went, and I checked Facebook on my phone (I don't have messenger for the family FB, so there's no automatic notification if I get a message.

He did send me a message asking if we were still on for today. Ugh. "I'm already there," I replied. I didn't wanna wait forever, so I said I'd only be there an hour or so longer, and he couldn't make it over in time. He asked if we could try again Saturday. I said I have a date. Which I did.

Brian and I intended to meet up at 2:22pm and see The Revenant. I made it to Java's on time, but he was going straight to the theater around the corner. I somehow made it there before he did. We sat in the front row for 20 minutes before the show started, chatting. Brian has a cold, so he sounded adorable with a stuffy nose. And horrid when he coughed. He said it's weird how that guy didn't just come to Java's yesterday, since I said I'd be there, and we agreed on a time, the way Brian and I do all the time. The way lots of people do. Especially since I said I'm always there at that time anyway.

The movie was great, by the way. Leonardo diCapprio fights a bear for an Oscar. The bear part was only the beginning. But the rest is directly responsible to the bear. Damn. The ending was a bit blah, though. Holes. We went to Spot coffee afterwards and he ranted for a couple hours over a couple of friends he's angry with. He's going to hang out here at Spot for a little while while the bad vibe is still at Java's.

This morning, he texted to meet me at Spot again (he somehow ALWAYS manages to text me to come out as soon as I wake up), and he was really relaxed when I got there - he ranted a little bit more, but he wasn't so angry about it. We had a really nice time. His friend Tommy showed up and we drove around a little bit before we parted ways.

Twice over the weekend, I was supposed to meet up with Brendan and Casey, but we couldn't make it work. Blah.

Between outings, I worked on a sketchbook project and caught up on Venture Brothers. I scanned EVERY SINGLE sketch I have and threw out the originals (most of them), and am now working on compiling them into a book (maybe two, as I have some themed sketches en masse). I also got back into violin practice.

I haven't gotten bitten since I posted last week, but I also haven't sat on the couch since then, either. I guess I should test it soon...