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Reiya Con

...emphasis on Con. I think the cons outweigh the pros for working this convention. They haven't listed any events or activities, they haven't even posted hints on their FB page. They got back to me when I asked who, if any, special guests they had booked, but all they said is that they're working on getting contracts signed. They couldn't give me even one hint of a guest to instill faith in this new con taking off in the right direction.

I also took a look at their coordinator team, and was not too happy with what I saw. They're all cosplayers, to be expected for a cosplay convention, but they all seemed like... children. And the last convention of this type I attended that was run by children did not fare too well. The last con (not anime/cosplay) I attended ran by amateurs was also crap. I'm 100% sure I wouldn't make my $65 bucks back no matter how cheap I made my merch.

I have booth'd at successful anime conventions without making my booth fee back, and I have booth'd first-time conventions with professionals (out of town) and have made out like a bandit, so I'm gonna go with my gut on this one.

This sucks, because I wanted to booth at least two events this year. I'll have to just keep my eyes peeled for local craft festivals. I've also been wait-listed for Tora-Con, the long-running anime convention in town (the successful one I mentioned earlier). Who knows.
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